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I’ve styled Old Navy a ton of times, but sister store GAP hasn’t been on my radar as much. We have an Old Navy near me, so I guess that’s why I’ve tried their clothes on the most. I had heard that the GAP store was a bit better quality than Old Navy, so I decided to give the GAP Mini a try to see for myself.

This is my idea of ​​a casual and comfortable weekend outfit. I want something that can be carried around the house, to the mailbox, or to the store for groceries.

I was impressed with this sweatshirt style vest. It is nice and thick, and very soft and comfortable. The description is that it’s a vest, so I guess you can layer it over a long sleeve button down shirt when the weather turns cold. I wear a medium, and it’s quite roomy.

I was thrilled when I saw these jeans were low rise. Don’t worry; these aren’t “plumber cracks” showing low, just lower than what we’re used to seeing lately. As I thought these would sit lower on my hips, I ordered a size up, and they fit perfectly. I also ordered a 90s low rise organic cotton loose jeans with Washwell in a size 29, and I couldn’t even button them up. They were nice jeans, but you’ll have to size up.

The next outfit is the one I wanted to wear with a blazer, but it got delayed so I decided to take the photos without it. I wanted an outfit that could be worn to work or to a meeting, and I thought a blazer would keep the outfit professional.

I’m always looking for a good white t-shirt. I want a thicker one so you can’t see through it, and I like a v-neck so my neck looks longer. I have a lot of short sleeve t-shirts that work, but I needed a long sleeve version for fall and winter. I really like the material and feel of this shirt, but I would need sizing if I wore it without an overlay piece. I could see my rollers (maybe because the pants were too tight) and I don’t like feeling like I need to “suck” it all day.

I loved the look of the pants, but they are way too tight for me. Since I haven’t ordered much from GAP, I haven’t gotten used to the size. Looks like I need to size up in almost everything. I don’t know if it’s their size or if it’s my eating habits that are causing the problem. 🙄

I loved everything about this outfit, except that the cut was once again offbeat.

The crew neck striped t-shirt is the one I would wear a lot this fall. I could see myself wearing it with a denim jacket or a cardigan, and it would go great with jeans or a denim skirt. The big one is too big for me so it looks sloppy. Reducing the size to a support should solve this problem though.

The color of these khakis is exactly what I was looking for! Unfortunately they ran a little big so they look loose on me too. I also wish they were a little longer so I could wear them with heels, so I think I’ll order another pair in high waist and see if I can get a better fit.

I ordered a few other things that just arrived so didn’t have time to take a picture. I’ll link to those things below. Overall, GAP seems to offer better quality clothes, and since many of their styles are classic pieces, you’ll be able to wear them for years. If you want even higher quality, then Banana Republic (another sister store) is the store for you.

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