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Every day new mobile games hit the App Store, and so every week we put together a long list of all the best new releases from the last seven days. Back then, the App Store featured the same games for a week, then refreshed those features every Thursday. Because of this, developers have made a habit of releasing their games throughout Wednesday or very early Thursday in order to hopefully get one of those coveted features. The App Store is constantly refreshing these days, so the need for everyone to release everything on the same day has diminished. Still, we stuck to our weekly Wednesday night format because for years that’s when people knew to check TouchArcade for a list of new games. And so without further ado, please check out the full list of this week’s new games below, and let us know in the comments section which games you’re going to pick!

BOKURA ($4.99)

Description of iTunes

BOKURA is a two-player puzzle adventure game. Play as two boys who have run away from home and work together to take you somewhere far, far away. Do you and I really see the world the same way? An exclusively two-player puzzle adventure game that makes you question your reality.

*Players must communicate with each other to play this game. If you are not playing in the same location, you will need an alternate method of communication, such as voice chat. Before purchasing the game, please keep in mind that the game itself does not provide a separate communication method.

Forum topic: BOKURA (by Kodansha)

Brave Brain (Free)

Description of iTunes

Brave Brain is a fun knowledge game that lets you look at familiar and unfamiliar places on the world map, test your knowledge in quizzes, and learn lots of interesting facts!
Choose a country and location and try to answer the quiz questions correctly. You have 30 seconds to respond. One of the four choices is always correct.

Forum topic: Brave Brain: Q&A Game (by Kikiriki Games)

Free parking)

Description of iTunes

Your goal is to park your car in a safe place without hitting other cars or obstacles. You can guide your vehicles to the parking spot by drawing a line with your finger. However, some parking spots are crowded and difficult to navigate, so plan your trips carefully.

Forum topic: Parking – Drawn Lines Puzzle (by Genix Lab)

Dawnlands (Free)

Description of iTunes

The warriors assemble! Download and enjoy the latest open world crafting and survival game with your friends! We look forward to seeing you on this trip!

In Dawnlands, players fight to reawaken an ancient land. Explore a gigantic world, gather materials, craft weapons and build a world only you can imagine, but beware of threats in the dark! Become the savior of an unknown land and revel in a stunning open world!

Forum topic: Dawnlands (by Amazing Seasun Games)

Defense derby (free)

Description of iTunes

Defense Derby, the ultimate Betting Royale, is here to shake up the battlefield!
Unleash your strategic prowess in a PvP Tower Defense experience unlike anything you’ve come across before.

Forum topic: Defense Derby (by Krafton)

Grand Cross: Age of Titans (Free)

Description of iTunes

A whole new look at strategy
BEGINNING OF A NEW WORLD — MMORTS Grand Cross: Age of Titans
The interdimensional war begins
Big launch!

The mysterious world of Skyna is engulfed in the chaos of darkness.
Become the one who will save the world!
Welcome to the next generation strategy game – Grand Cross: Age of Titans!

Forum topic: Grand Cross: Age of Titans (by Netmarble)

Inactive clans (free)

Description of iTunes

If you’ve ever played RPGs, Idle Clans will make you feel right at home. With nearly 20 skills to train and an in-depth combat system to dive into, you’ll find a ton of fun and engaging ways to level up your account. Even if you’re not an RPG veteran, we’ve put a lot of effort into making the game as easily accessible as possible! Skills are as easy to upgrade as clicking on the goal you want to achieve and…that’s it! Your character will take care of the rest, even when you’re offline!

Forum topic: Idle Clans (by Isam Games)

Last Pocket (Free)

Description of iTunes

“Welcome to the thrilling world of ‘Last Pocket’, where your strategic prowess and quick-wittedness will be put to the ultimate test! Arrange wooden planks with a simple tap, creating a maze of reflections and angles to guide the ball to victory.Ten of the distinct elements add flair to each level, keeping you on your toes and your mind engaged.

Forum topic: Last pocket (by Vikas Pawar)

Little Big Robots (Free)

Description of iTunes

Fast-paced multiplayer battles with giant robots armed to the teeth! Fight in real-time battles with players around the world! Pilot a heavily armed giant robot and do whatever you want.

Smash entire cities, smash your rivals, cross rivers, set ambushes to surprise your enemy and have a great time while shooting down your enemy. Play with friends or solo in a variety of game modes, from 4v4 to Battle Royale.

Forum topic: Little big robots (by Pixonic)

Molecano ()

Description of iTunes

Molecano is a brand new word puzzle game from the creator of Dadish! Help Molene the mole explore volcanoes using words as a bridge. Chain the words so that Molene can safely cross and collect all the delicious food scattered across the lava-laden levels.

Forum topic: Molecano (by Thomas Young)

Nitro Nation World Tour (Free)

Description of iTunes

Drag racing and car collecting combine to deliver an all-new high-speed car game that brings the thrills and awesome cars you know and love to the palm of your hand.

Get ready to race around the world in Nitro Nation World Tour! – an all-new car racing and car collecting experience designed to celebrate car culture. Drive some of the fastest cars in the world in this free drag racing game. With officially licensed cars, drag racing will never be the same experience again!

Forum topic: Nitro Nation World Tour (by Mythical Games)

Power Shot (Free)

Description of iTunes

Power Slap is an exciting turn-based fighting game that brings all the fun and satisfaction of a virtual slap contest right in your pocket. This game is designed to test your timing, accuracy and strategy skills with playful humor.

Enter the arena, rise through the ranks and become the undisputed champion of PowerSlap!

Forum topic: Power Slap (by Rollic Games)

Slaughter: The Lost Outpost ($4.99)

Description of iTunes

Walk the cruel and bloody path to freedom, from the dungeons of the Iron Fortress.

Return to the world of Slaughter, a dark place where lawlessness and lawlessness reign. Reckless bandits and thugs have broken free from a massive prison, forming gangs and engaging in fierce battles to take control of the territory.

Forum topic: Slaughter: The Lost Outpost (by Venomized Art)

Super Snail (Free)

Description of iTunes

Enter the Snailverse through an unusual idle RPG. Control a summoned snail from a dystopian future. The Gods, deciding to save this world, have sent you on a mission.

With divine purpose and what’s left of civilization, you travel to the past to defeat eight demon gods. To defeat their apostles and minions, you need to collect a variety of items and explore every corner of the world. You will join many bizarre beings in your quest to save the world.

Forum topic: Super Snail (by Qcplay Limited)

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