Apex Legends story gets a makeover starting today

Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal is coming to an end, and true to their word, the developers at Respawn have detonated the long-awaited “lore bomb” they teased earlier this season with the release of a new anime series. unlike anything Apex Legends players have seen before. Titled ‘Kill Code: Part 1’, the four-minute animated short is the first of its kind in many ways and suggests that the game’s plot will be in the spotlight in the weeks to come. , while the second episode of Kill Code should be released two weeks after the first. Respawn seems to have big plans for the series and seems determined to use this new narrative avenue to make Apex’s story more cohesive. In a press release regarding the new series, Respawn revealed that Kill Code: Part 1 is the start of “a year-long storytelling journey in Apex Legends.”

Respawn’s animated videos usually come in three flavors: it’s a Stories From The Outlands episode, a fully voiced but non-animated short uploaded to Twitter, or a pre-season launch trailer showcasing new gameplay features, map additions, and legend abilities. But Kill Code isn’t categorized as an episode of Stories From The Outlands, nor is it part of the pre-season hype, like the season launch trailers typically posted on d’s YouTube channel. ‘Apex. Kill Code is something entirely new.