Benavidez will be on standby to fight Canelo if Jermell gets injured in training

By Sean Jones: Jose Benavidez Sr says his son David will be on standby, ready to step in and replace Jermell Charlo if he is injured in training for his Sept. 30 fight against Canelo Alvarez.

That said, Jose Sr. says he doesn’t believe Canelo would accept Benavidez (27-0, 23 KOs) as Jermell’s replacement, but just in case he does, David would be ready to step in.

Jose Sr. looks desperateand he has to move Benavidez forward because he will never get the Canelo fight.

It won’t help Jose Sr train with Benavidez in case Jermell gets injured in camp, and the kindness campaign that he uses is also a waste of time.

He’s already said more than a life’s worth, and there’s no way Canelo will forget everything that has already been said by Jose Sr and Benavidez.

It’s literally too late for Jose Sr and Benavidez to start smothering Canelo with compliments, hoping he’ll give them a fight to make millions.

All the trash talk that Benavidez and Jose Sr have been doing is secondary to the real reason why Canelo will NEVER fight “The Mexican Monster”. Fans can guess the main reason why Canelo won’t fight him.

What Jose Sr should be doing is trying to get Benavidez to create his own path to stardom by fighting these killers:

  • David Morell Jr.
  • Dmitry Bivol
  • Artur Beterbiev
  • Joe Smith Jr.

A good place to start for Benavidez would be Morrell, as he called it, and he holds the WBA “regular” super middleweight title.

Boxing fans are already thinking Benavidez is terrified of Morrell (9-0, 8 KOs), so the only way for him to convince them he isn’t is to agree to fight this fight next.

Canelo should fight the two Charlo brothers

“Because of the activity. We know that Jermall had mental issues and issues and went through some issues. That’s what I hear,” Jose Benavidez Sr told Fighthype explaining why he thinks Jermell Charlo has a better chance of beating Canelo Alvarez than his brother Jermall.

“He hasn’t fought in two years. There is a reason for this. I didn’t really give him a chance, to be honest with you. I think his brother could fight Canelo, and if Canelo beats him, he’ll probably stay motivated to keep training and has plenty of time to train, and maybe in 2024 maybe his brother [Jermall] is the following.

“It’s a great possibility. Why not? I think it should be good. So I hope he can come back, stay motivated, and then he will have a better
chance to beat Canelo.

“I think the best thing to do with this fight, if I was training Jermell, I would say the box beat him, beat him on points. I don’t think you’re going to knock out Canelo.

Jermell has to box Canelo

“I think Canelo is stronger; he is smaller. He’s smoother, he’s smaller, he can move a little better. Just box him and not stay ahead of him, and he has a very good chance of beating him and getting a unanimous decision,” Benavidez Sr said of how he would train Jermell Charlo to try and beat Canelo.

“The reason I’m taking Jermell is because it could change everything. If Canelo was going to give David [Benavidez] a chance to fight, I would like him to win. I wouldn’t want him to lose, but I don’t think we’re fighting Canelo.

“Like I said, I don’t want to talk bad about Canelo anymore. I’m just going to stay here and enjoy and see what happens while he’s here and who he’s fighting with because it’s full of surprises. So I just wonder who is he going to fight next.

“If it’s the other way around [Jermell beating Canelo], I’m still confused. I don’t know what would happen. What will happen with the belts?

“Undisputed against undisputed, but where is he [Jermell] I will stay? Does he go back to [154]? He hasn’t even fought at 160. So where does it go from there? Will it stay at 168 or 154? I don’t know.

“I can’t even imagine that,” said Jose Sr. when asked about a scenario where Jermell Charlo becomes the undisputed champion at 168 and then defends all four belts against David Benavidez.

“No, David is too big, too young for him [Jermell]. It wouldn’t even be fair because he didn’t even fight at 160. So I think maybe if he wins the belts at 168, he’ll probably vacate them again, and then they’ll probably make the Canelo fight against the other Charlo mandatory. [Jermall].

Canelo’s size is too big

“Anything can happen. I don’t know. Let’s sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s going to be a good fight,” Jose Sr said of Canelo’s fight against Jermell on September 30.

“I’m excited about it. Jermell has nothing to lose. He fights a bigger guy. He fights the division monster at 168. It would be something like Canelo versus Bivol.

“Yeah, and look what Mikey Garcia looked like,” Jose Sr. said, comparing Jermell moving up two weight divisions to face Canelo to lightweight Mikey Garcia moving up two divisions to face Errol Spence Jr at welterweight.

“I’m glad he’s [Canelo] with PBC, and I’m glad they’re doing these big fights. We’ll just stay ready for whatever happens.

“Let’s hope he [Jermell] doesn’t get injured in training, but we’ll be ready in case he gets injured. We will be ready. You never know what happens, but I don’t see David fighting Canelo or Jermell,” Benavidez Sr said.

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