Boxing results: Alycia Baumgardner beats Linardatou!

By Ken Hissner: At the Masonic Temple in Detroit, Michigan on Saturday, DAZN promoter Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Boxing) presented a rematch in the Main Event WBA, WBC, WBO, IBF and IBO World Super Featherweight Champion Alycia “The Bomb” Baumgardner defeated former WBO World Super Lightweight Champion Christina “Medusa” Linardatou avenging her lone loss.

2020 Olympic gold medalist Andy Cruz of Cuba impressed by winning the IBF International Lightweight title on his professional debut against 46-fight veteran Juan Carlos Burgos.

In the rematch, WBA, WBC, WBO, IBF and IBO World Super Feather Main Event champion Alycia “The Bomb” Baumgardner, 15-1 (7), #129 ½, of Detroit, MI, defeated former WBO World Super Light champion Christina “Medusa” Linardatou, 14-3 (6), #129 ¾, of DR and Athens, Greece, avenging her only loss in 10×2 rounds.

In the final minute of the opening rounds, Baumgardner landed a dozen unanswered punches against Linardatou. On laps two and three, Linardatou came back well in a tight lap keeping Baumgardner back.

In the fourth round, Baumgardner hurt Linardatou in the final seconds with a combination to the chin.

In round five, Baumgardner edged Linardatou using a good right uppercut in the final seconds. In round six, Linardatou came back well enough to win the round, edging out Baumgardner.

In the seventh round, Baumgardner went to the body, putting Linardatou against the ropes overtaking her. In the closing seconds of round eight, Baumgardner knocked out Linardatou’s mouthpiece with a flurry of punches having him against the ropes.

In the final seconds of the ninth round, Baumgardner had Linardatou against the ropes, but the latter fought back, knocking Baumgardner back across the ring at the bell. In the tenth and final round, Baumgardner finished the final minute as champion by defeating Linardatou.

The scores were 99-91, 98-92 twice and 97-93 KH.

Referee Frank Garza (retired after 40 years)

Coming back from back-to-back UK losses, Heavy Jermaine “989 Assassin” Franklin, Jr., 22-2 (14), #241 ¼, of Saginaw, MI, easily beat the late 17-year-old Isaac “Drago” Munoz . -1-1 (14), #257 ½, from Mexico City, MEX, in ten rounds.

In the second round, in the final minute, Franklin rocked Munoz with a 3 punch combination to the chin. In round four at the midpoint, a Franklin right uppercut to the chin rocked Munoz.

In the seventh round, Munoz’s entire face is flushed from all of Franklin’s punches. On lap eight, Munoz had his best lap, but not good enough to win it.

In the ninth and final tenth round, Franklin hit Munoz with everything he threw, and Munoz took it. The referee was Frank Garza.
The scores were 99-91 and 100-90 twice, even KH.

Andy Cruz, 2020 Olympic gold medalist (amateur record 140-9) and two-time Pan American gold medalist, 1-0, #134 ½, of Matanzas, Cuba and Miami, FL, impressed while dominating Juan Carlos “Miniburgos” Burgos , 35 -8-3 (21), #134 ¼, of Tijuana, Baja California, MEX, for the vacant IBF Int’l Light title, in ten rounds.

In the first three rounds, Cruz dominated, injuring Burgos late in the third with a right to the chin. In the final minute of round four, Cruz switched to left-handed, edging out Burgos.

In the sixth round, one minute from the end, Cruz shook Burgos with a right. Seconds later, Burgos landed a low kick giving Cruz short relief from referee Ansel Stewart.

In the final twenty seconds of round seven, Cruz rocked Burgos with a right to the chin. In the final seconds of the seventh, Cruz hurt Burgos with a right to the side of the neck.

In the ninth round, with his back against the ropes, Cruz landed five unreturned punches in support of Burgos. At the tenth and
The scores were 100-90 twice and 98-92 with 100-90 KH. Cruz’s new coach is “Bozy” Ennis from Philly.

Returning after 15 months, Super Bantam Ja’Rico O’Quinn, 16-1-1 (8), #121 ¼ of Detroit, MI, edged out Carlos “La Phata” Mojica, 8-3 (2), #122 ½, from Caracus, VZ, in an action-packed 10-round war!

Round one was an action-packed brawl, with Mojica rocking O’Quinn with a left to the chin halfway through and O’Quinn rocking Mojica with one minute remaining. In the second, the slugfest continued with the transition from orthodox to left-handed and vice versa.

At the bell, Mojica rocked O’Quinn with a left to the chin, who walked slowly to the corner. Umpire Ansel Stewart cautioned Mojica for a late hit.

In round three, Mojica rocked O’Quinn midway through the round with a right to the chin. He went back and forth, hitting him. In round five, Mojica was cut in the left eyebrow and was bleeding from the nose.

By round six, O’Quinn had better hand speed while Mojica was more aggressive, with O’Quinn evening things with better lap.

In the seventh and eighth rounds, both corners urged their fighters to pick up the pace although the fans loved it. The fight is up for grabs as they take turns.

In the ninth round, O’Quinn did quite well to outplay Mojica as the action continued to come and go. In the tenth and final round, O’Quinn did well until his mouthpiece was knocked out after a minute.

He managed to come back well enough to have the fight up for grabs in an all-action fight-worthy main event!

The scores were 100-90 (what?), 97-93 and 96-94 and 95-95 KH.

David Diamante Ring Announcer

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