Canada coach John Herdman says his football federation ‘isn’t serious about winning a World Cup’

Canada coach John Herdman urges his own soccer federation to ‘be real and fast’ after USA defeat because it’s ‘not serious to win a World Cup’ – amid difficulties fundraising continues

  • Herdman lamented his federation’s lack of funding to help develop chemistry
  • The manager said the team only had three days to prepare for the game against Panama.
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Canada coach John Herdman said his federation “didn’t really want to win a World Cup” after his side lost 2-0 to the United States in the Nations League final of the CONCACAF.

Canada seemed to turn a new leaf in the second half, but already down two goals they couldn’t put together a consistent offense.

But their attack put a lot of pressure on the American defense for a team that didn’t have much time to prepare.

Responding to a question from Fox Sports’ Doug McIntyre, Herdman said his team’s lack of funding meant they might not be able to hold a training camp in September.

“This is the preparation period. It costs a lot of money to put things together for these windows,” Herdman began.

In a post-match press conference, John Herdman criticized the lack of funding for his federation

In a post-match press conference, John Herdman criticized the lack of funding for his federation

Herdman said the lack of funding means Canada

Herdman said lack of funding means Canada ‘aren’t serious about winning a World Cup’

“I think it’s no secret that the organization suffered financially even during World Cup qualifying. You had coaches fundraising to make sure we had charter flights, security on these charter flights.

‘I mean, that’s it. You know, we have the best generation of players we’ve had. And there’s more to come, you can see. [Ismael] Kone just let go of the sky. Tajon Buchanan just dropped the sky, Alistair Johnson, like it’s coming.

“We have to solve this problem financially. We have to seriously consider winning a World Cup. When you play at home, you have a chance to win. You have a chance to advance to a quarter-final, a semi-final, and then participate in that throw to win it. And we are not serious.

“We brought a World Cup to our country and we don’t really want to win it. And you see how close this team is tonight. Tactically, we were there. Chances, shots, we were there. The margins were so tight tonight, so tight.

“So we have to be realistic. We have to be realistic and fast, because these players deserve it. They deserve a shot. The country deserves it. Everyone who works to bring it about deserves a chance. Let’s go after that. We are close.

Earlier in the presser, Herdman also lamented the amount of preparation for this specific tournament.

“You say, look, we’re going to win this thing with literally four days of preparation, four days,” the manager said.

“And these first three days are focused on Panama, which is a good team. And then two days in the United States.

Herdman praised the United States' ability to change tactics and their prolific set piece

Herdman praised the United States’ ability to change tactics and their prolific set piece

Herdman also said, “I think the big step when I get back to work is to say ‘we have to have that September window to want it and we know we have to work. Whether we have the resources to do that, I’m not sure.’

Regarding this game, Herdman believes his team were as tactically prepared as possible, saying it was a “really close game” while praising the United States for their ability to “change quickly” and success on shots. of stopped feet.

Canada’s next steps will begin this week in the group stages of the CONCACAF Gold Cup – with games against Guatemala, Cuba and the winner of a preliminary match between Guadeloupe and Guyana.

The Reds should easily win their group thanks to their results in the World Cup and in previous Gold Cups. Their first game will start on June 27 in Toronto.

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