Paolina Russo draws on folk fantasies and sports codes for SS24

“Our collections are an intertwining of our teenage escapist fantasies and the spirit of nostalgic references from our upbringing,” Alex Russo – half of the team behind Paolina Russo – said in a pre-show press interview. of the brand during Copenhagen Fashion Week (CPHFW). The duo, completed by Lucile Guilmard, was selected as the winner … Read more

Skin Care Tips: The Incredible Skin Benefits of Orange Juice – Times of India |

The pursuit of radiant and healthy skin has led individuals to explore various natural remedies, one of which is orange juice. Orange juice, derived from the succulent citrus fruit, is not only a popular beverage, it is also recognized for its potential skin health benefits. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Orange juiceis believed to … Read more

Burlesque-inspired lingerie start-up Scarlett Gasque wants to seduce the United States

Canadian-born, London-based Chloe Rogers, founder and CEO of Scarlett Gasque, the luxury lingerie company specializing in corsetry, has previously been featured in vogue and its brand featured in She The UK’s pick of the best lingerie brands to buy in 2023. Named after the founder’s two grandmothers, Scarlett Gasque imbues her coveted candy-colored lingerie with … Read more

Hypebeast chip: cent.ldn | hypebeast

Founded by Hayley Mack in 2020, cent.ldn is leading the way in UK candle production. Transitioning from the businesswoman to the bespoke businesswoman hundred candle design doubles as home decor, providing olfactory experiences of sculptural football helmets, basketballs, stereos, and more, offering sustainable sensory offerings perfect for contemporary homes. Check out our conversation with cent.ldn … Read more

Hypebeast chip: 19RINGS | hypebeast

Birmingham-based jewelery brand 19RINGS never shy away from quality craftsmanship. The British imprint prides itself on its fine silver coins; those designed to enhance any outfit, while worn by those who strive to express themselves through accessories. Additionally, 19RINGS works alongside the Birmingham Assay Office, ensuring that each piece meets best-in-class standards and does not … Read more

Hypebeast chip: MILK AND HONEY

From custom caps to the VVS, Grillz will be taking a firm bite into Hypebeast Flea with help from MILK & HONEY. MILK & HONEY’s striking dental gems are making their way onto the local streets, creating custom sets to adorn your smile. The brand’s vibrant tooth covers are available in silver and gold, decorated … Read more

Festivals not to miss this summer: Europe edition

The festival season is currently in full swing. So far this summer, the world has been treated to a host of groundbreaking events that have hosted some of the best live performances on stage in recent years. For example, Elton John provided a legendary set at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, while Aitch shut down his … Read more

Their designs are so unique that they are unique; The ‘slow fashion’ duo turns thrift store finds into catwalk-worthy cuts

A The Kansas City couple’s upcycled fashion brand is making waves, as thousands of social media followers – and some high-profile names – have taken note of the company’s upcycled ‘one-of-one’ clothing pieces . Yvonne and Mitchel studio space The passion project of co-founders Jared Armstrong and Caylin Willis, Yvonne and Mitchell takes clothes from … Read more