Five of the Best: Spells in Games

Five of the Best is a weekly series for Eurogamer supporters. It’s a series that highlights some of the often overlooked features in games. It’s also about having your say, so don’t be shy, use the comments below and join us! Oh and you can find our entire Five of the Best archive elsewhere on … Read more

Sony results: 3.3 million PS5s and 56.5 million games sold in the first quarter – News

If there’s one area where PlayStation continues to reign supreme, it’s revenue. Still up 28% compared to last year, it reached 4.9 billion euros in the April-June quarter alone. It must be said that everything is up compared to last year, whether we are talking about the income generated by games, consoles, additional content, accessories … Read more

Baldur’s Gate 3 – Ranger Class Guide

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Ranger class offers solid options in both melee and ranged arenas, as well as decent versatility with spells, abilities, and pets. Our guide explains what you can expect if you choose this class for your campaign. Baldur’s Gate 3 Ranger Class Guide Overview Our Baldur’s Gate 3 Ranger class guide provides … Read more

Wordle 2023: Answer of the Day and Hint for August 9

Find all your daily Wordle help here on PC Gamer. Take a look at our general tips designed to improve every game, get guided help with today’s hint, or aim straight for victory with the August 9 (781) puzzle answer. I unwittingly got myself into trouble browsing today’s Wordle, getting so caught up in trying … Read more

Baldur’s Gate 3 – Best Ranger Build Guide

Baldur’s Gate 3 Rangers are very versatile fighters. They can engage in melee combat with dual wielding or two-handed weapons, or attack from a distance with projectile weapons and spells. To get the most out of your Ranger, however, you’ll need to choose one of these avenues, because while Rangers are a solid class, they … Read more

Everything we know, from leaks to news

Although we don’t know exactly when Grand Theft Auto VI will come out, we happen to know a lot more than we usually do when approaching a new GTA game. Grand Theft Auto 6 reviews: A dramatic read This the additional information is all due to a huge leak that hit the internet last yearfrom … Read more

Sabrent Rocket Q4 2230 2TB review

If you’re looking for an efficient way to massively increase the storage of your Steam Deck or ROG Ally, look no further than this Sabrent Rocket Q4 drive. With 2TB of storage capacity, it ensures you’ll never run out of installed games to play on the go. Granted, that’s more storage space than most would … Read more