Charlotte Bellamy on the aftermath of Laurel and Colin

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale Star Charlotte Bellamy has shared details of her character Laurel Thomas’ new ordeal, as she is held captive by the unstable Colin Hamston.

The ITV soap opera aired an ominous cliffhanger last night as Colin locked Laurel in a bedroom when she visited his house.

Laurel has arrived at Colin’s house to collect Marshall Hamston’s passport, as the teenager has planned a vacation with his Aunt Jean.

Still unable to come to terms with Marshall’s decision to walk away, Colin vowed to keep Laurel locked up until she was ready to help him win his son back. Laurel currently refuses, aware that Colin was homophobic and abusive towards Marshall.

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Speaking of the upcoming drama, Charlotte explained, “Colin is suddenly a loose cannon. At first, Laurel thinks Colin is just crazy, but then he keeps her there for three days.

“Eventually the police come and Colin gets so anxious and what he does. He’s getting more and more immersed in it — and he’s trying to get Laurel to text Marshall from his phone.

“Laurel just watches Colin crumble. Colin is just a complete fanatic and wants Marshall to be a certain way. He won’t accept Marshall’s homosexuality.”

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When asked if Laurel later found out why Colin’s behavior had become so horrible, Charlotte replied, “Yes, she does eventually. In Laurel’s true form, it’s a good egg, n’ is this not?

“She always tries to see the good in people – and as a Christian she believes everyone can be redeemed. She believes no one is past redemption.”

“Which, ultimately, is the end of this story,” she added.

Charlotte also talked about filming the dramatic scenes on location, away from the Emmerdale studios.

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She laughed: “It was four days in a very hot room! We were there. It was quite small and everything was filmed with a handheld camera to give the story a sense of danger. It was quite intense, in fact.

“It’s a mix here. That’s what’s great about being on a soap opera – you can do so many different things. There are so many stories, beats, emotions , from different places.

“It was like making a little mini-movie because we were away from the studio. I was working with Mark Noble, who plays Colin – he’s brilliant and a super villain.”

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