CoinEx Charity X Educar+ to Unveil Dream Grant in Brazil

CoinEx Charity, an international charity organization, actively advocates for humanitarian aid and supports charitable actions. Recently, the organization donated books, printers, air conditioners and learning supplies to Educar+, a Brazilian charity focused on education. This generous contribution will improve the learning conditions of disadvantaged children at Educar+ and provide them with more opportunities.

In Brazil, underprivileged children urgently need more attention and support, as 51% of Brazilian children aged 6-7 cannot read or write independently. Learning of these challenges, CoinEx Charity sent a team to Brazil and partnered with Educar+ to reach children from poor families.

Educar+ is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving children’s education in Brazil, with a mission to broaden the worldview of children and adolescents through education, culture and technology.

The organization provides comprehensive educational support for children of different age groups, ranging from early childhood education to high school programs, to pursue their dreams and move out of poverty. To date, Educar+ programs have covered hundreds of disadvantaged children, 66% of whom are raised by single mothers and 44% who struggle with dyslexia.

Believing that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, CoinEx Charity has decided to donate books, printers and learning supplies to Educar+, with the aim of creating a better learning environment for poor students.

The CoinEx Charity team, along with Educar+ staff and children receiving the donation, attended the “Grant for Fulfilling Dreams” donation ceremony on July 18 at an Educar+ classroom. During the ceremony, the CoinEx Charity team met the volunteers and teachers of the project and learned more about their charitable education efforts.

In the classroom, the team introduced the children to CoinEx, Web3, and blockchain technology. Along with all the equipment and supplies, CoinEx Charity also prepared snacks and treats and engaged the kids in fun activities. At the end of the event, the CoinEx Charity team expressed their care and wishes for the children and emphasized the importance of education for personal growth and social progress.

The generous donation of books, printers, air conditioners and learning supplies is of great importance to Educar+, as it fills the gap in the school library and creates a wider learning space for children. CoinEx Charity’s donation will help children explore the world, gain knowledge, and unleash their full potential.

CoinEx Charity’s donation goes beyond supporting education, as it also embodies a strong sense of social responsibility. As an international charity, the organization remains dedicated to its mission of “Via Blockchain, Making the World a Better Place”. Its charitable footprint spans different regions, encompassing book donation, building school libraries, and providing medical supplies and scholarships.

Launched in Vietnam, the Grant for Fulfilling Dreams has helped hundreds of disadvantaged children return to school in seven countries, including Nigeria, Thailand and Indonesia. CoinEx Charity hopes that its charitable efforts will inspire more people to pay attention to education and charity, which will gather strength to create better learning environments for children in poor areas.

CoinEx Charity’s donation to Educar+ demonstrates its strong commitment to its social responsibilities, with an emphasis on education. The organization’s books, printers and learning supplies will bring better educational resources to underprivileged children, improve their learning environment, help them pursue their dreams and ultimately contribute to social progress.

Going forward, CoinEx Charity will continue to play an active role in education and charity, reaching out to those in need. Through these efforts, CoinEx Charity strives to contribute to society and help more children pursue their aspirations.

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