Coronation Street Spoilers (June 19-23)

Note: This story covers topics such as rape and sexual assault.

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Next week on Coronation StreetDaisy has some explaining to do when Ryan confronts her about his catfishing scam.

Elsewhere, Stephen finds himself in another predicament and Max is confronted by Bec about his past.

Here is a complete collection of 13 great moments to come.

1. Daniel asks awkward questions

daniel osbourne, carla, ryan connor, coronation street


Daniel visits Ryan at the apartment and wonders why he now seems to be avoiding contact with Daisy. Little does he know that Ryan and Daisy are keeping their distance after sharing a secret kiss recently.

Ryan claims it’s just because he’s in a dark place after finding out someone tricked him into impersonating Crystal. Daniel intervenes and encourages Daisy to visit Ryan.

2. Daisy and Ryan kiss again

daisy midgeley, ryan connor, coronation street


When Daisy arrives at the apartment, Ryan admits he misses spending time with her and he leans in for a kiss.

Daisy responds to Ryan’s advances, but they are cut off when Carla returns.

3. Ryan finds out who the cat fisherman was

ryan, daisy midgeley, coronation street


Ryan finally compares his notes with Max on the secret phone the teenager was using at the Secure Training Center. Ryan finally realizes that Daisy was the mysterious cat fisherwoman posing as Crystal.

When Ryan confronts Daisy, she fights back and insists she was just trying to protect him after Crystal announces she wants nothing more to do with him after the acid attack.

Ryan refuses to accept Daisy’s explanation and threatens to tell Daniel the truth about their recent kisses. Daisy is horrified to realize that her relationship with Daniel could be destroyed by Ryan.

4. Amy receives news from the university

summer spell, amy barlow, coronation street


Amy tries to focus on college and move on from her ordeal with Aaron. However, Amy’s tutor lets her know that she will have to repeat the year after falling so behind on her work for the past few months.

Amy considers dropping out rather than go back to square one, but Summer urges her to reconsider as the setback means they would at least start college together in September.

5. Toyah supports Amy

toyah battersby, coronation street


Toyah reaches out to support Amy. She explains that she knows what Amy is going through since she was raped in 2001.

Toyah suggests that Amy speak to a counselor and recommends making an appointment.

6. Brian tries to get rid of Isabella

roy cropper, isabella, brian packham, coronation street


Isabella offends more of Brian’s friends and he realizes he can’t wait until she returns to Italy. Unfortunately, Isabella’s builder calls her soon and lets her know that she can’t go home for two weeks.

Brian reaches a breaking point and tries to encourage Isabella to go sightseeing in England rather than stay in Weatherfield.

7. Stephen fears being scolded by Owen

stephen reid, carla barlow, coronation street


Stephen uses the Underworld business account to make a payment of £480 on the life insurance policy he took out for Elaine. He covers his tracks by passing off the transaction as a payment to a private company, Seagull Ltd.

Later, Carla informs Stephen that Owen is asking to see the company’s accounts as part of his plan to buy his share of the factory. Stephen is nervous as he wonders how much Owen will dig up.

8. Adam struggles to move on from Sarah’s case

sarah barlow, adam, coronation street


Adam makes a public display of affection with Sarah on the street, but when Sarah spots Damon watching, she realizes it was all for her benefit rather than hers.

Adam also makes a call to Nick, asking him to cut ties with Damon for the sake of the family.

9. Adam plans revenge on Damon

niall, adam barlow, coronation street


Adam goes through Paul’s file at the law firm, hoping to exploit his recent ties to Damon by finding some dirt. He then questions Paul about the car theft scam and gets the name of the criminal they were working with.

Adam meets Niall and lies that Damon intends to smear him by reporting him to the police. With Niall’s history of violent behavior, chances are Damon is now in danger.

10. Paul makes a discovery

paul foreman, chesney, coronation street


Paul returns from vacation with Billy and is surprised to find that someone has inquired about arranging a personal independence payment for him.

Chesney clarifies that it was about Bernie, so Paul confronts his mother for being behind his back about it.

11. Paul suffers a vile accident

paul foreman, coronation street


Paul goes shopping on the bus, but ends up suffering a nasty fall from the vehicle when his legs give out.

Paul is moved by the worsening of his MND symptoms. Bernie rushes to help her and soon suggests she could try crystal therapy on him.

12. Max is confronted by Bec

beak, max, 0001 coronation street


Max enjoys his blossoming relationship with Bec, but finds it increasingly difficult to hide his past involvement in Griff’s far-right group. Shona encourages Max to be candid with Bec and suggests she might appreciate his honesty.

When Max leaves to tell Bec about his previous crimes, he is horrified to realize that Alya entered first. Bec demands to know when Max intended to tell him that he is a terrorist.

13. Evelyn feels isolated

roy cropper, evelyn plummer, coronation street


Roy confirms to Evelyn that he feels better after his operation and he is happy that Freddie is going home. Having enjoyed the dog’s company, Evelyn is secretly upset.

Evelyn also becomes increasingly jealous of Roy and Yasmeen’s friendship as the pair arrange to attend a book reading together.

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Coronation Street worked with the School Consent Project on Amy’s script.

If you have been affected by the issues raised in this story, you can access more information from Rape Crisis England and Wales, who work to eliminate all forms of sexual violence and sexual misconduct, at their website or by calling the National Rape Crisis Helpline on 0808 802 9999. Rape crisis in Scotland the helpline number is 08088 01 03 02.

Readers in the United States are encouraged to contactRAINN, or the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-4673.

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