Diablo 4 Update 1.1.1 Will Bring Big Buffs to Barbarian and Sorcerer

Diablo IV’s next patch, Update 1.1.1, will arrive on August 8th and will bring major improvements for Barbarians and Wizards, as well as changes to the number of monsters in endgame activities and a number of little monsters of quality of life. changes.

In a developer “campfire” chat, Blizzard explained how the game’s first major patch after its controversial Season 1 update will look to make life easier for Barbarian and Wizarding players. For Barbarian, Blizzard is looking to improve the feel of playing the class in the early game by increasing Fury generation for its base abilities and increasing damage from abilities like Rupture and Charge. In the late game, Blizzard is revamping some unique items and legendary Barbarian aspects to make them more effective and appealing. For unique changes, Blizzard is simply buffing the base damage and stats of items like Hellhammer and Fields of Crimson, while replacing less desirable affixes with ones that are more in demand.