Diablo 4’s first season has the vibe it should have had from the start

In the first season of Diablo 4, I didn’t choose the dog walker class; he chose me. I have three fierce wolves on a leash and I have a tendency to get feral myself. I hadn’t even progressed far enough to reach Wolves in the Druid skill tree before picking up a gem that gave me three whole ranks for free. Aside from the recent patch and a few bugs, Season of the Evil One has exactly the kind of ridiculous vibe that Diablo 4 should have had when it launched.

The balance patch that accompanies Season 1 is its own story. Nobody is happy about it. Not even Blizzard, who promised never to make a patch like this again. The drastic reductions to player damage and survivability are the kind of drastic changes that would go much better if made right from launch. You can’t give away a bunch of toys and then smash almost all of them without people getting mad – and rightly so.

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