EastEnders Spoilers (June 19-22)

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Next week on EastEndersVinny takes deadly revenge on Eve, while Ben struggles with a grieving Lexi and the truth about George’s wife, Rose, is revealed.

Here’s a full collection of the greatest moments to come:

1. Suki tries to move on

vinny panesar, suki kaur panesar, nish panesar, eastenders


It’s Father’s Day and Suki steps into the role of the perfect wife and mother, despite Vinny’s continued backlash.

The Panesars reunite with Ravi and Nugget at the Vic to celebrate as a family, but Vinny is annoyed to see Eve there.

When Suki goes to the bathroom, Eve approaches her and begs her to stop lying.

2. Vinny gets deadly revenge

Vinny Panesar, Eastenders


At the pub, Vinny attacks Suki privately, before threatening Eve.

Undeterred, Eve tells her to do her best, but Suki freaks out when Vinny subsequently disappears.

Vinny heads straight for Taylor’s Autos and fiddles with the brakes on Finlay’s sports car, knowing that Eve is about to drive it to Brighton.

3. Phil agrees to investigate George

Vinny Panesar, Eastenders


Elaine hosts a “Battle of the Dads” karaoke contest at the Vic.

Linda is still suspicious of George and tells Phil about Rose’s disappearance.

After some persuasion, Phil agrees to find out what he can, wanting to make sure he doesn’t go into business with someone he can’t trust.

Phi then convinces a reluctant Callum to search the police database to reassure Linda.

4. Ben struggles with Lexi

lexi mitchell, ben mitchell, eastenders


Ben and Jay try to tempt a withdrawn Lexi for lunch.

When Lexi tells them she wants to speak at Lola’s funeral, Ben forbids it, fearing it’s too much for her.

Lexi is furious and Ben breaks down at her anger, prompting Jay to step in to make peace.

They agree to talk about it over lunch and Ben also reveals that he decorated Lexi’s room, so she’s now ready to move in.

5. Suki is horrified by Vinny’s actions

vinny panesar, suki panesar, eastenders


Suki reports that Vinny tampered with the car Eve is about to drive and rushes to Taylor’s Autos.

Unaware of what is happening, Eve returns to the Vic and tells Finlay that the trip is over anyway.

Suki later sticks Vinny up and berates him for trying to kill Eve. However, he reverses the situation and accuses her of trying to protect her secret lover.

Suki insists it’s all over with Eve, telling Vinny she’s made up her mind and it’s him and the family.

6. Lily and Ricky hatch a scheme

ricky mitchell, lily slater, eastenders


Lily and Ricky have been asked to meet with social services and are worried about what awaits them.

They later try to come up with money-making schemes and end up luring Theo to Walford.

When he arrives, Lily tells him about their predicament and explains that she is going to sell her sneakers, until Theo gives her some money instead.

Theo asks her to tell Stacey that the money is from Ricky doing odd jobs, and Lily is glad she got to play it.

7. Bobby continues his quest for marriage

Bobby Beale, Eastenders


Bobby continues his quest to help Rocky get all of Kathy’s wedding guests on his big day, and Freddie encourages him to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Bobby struggles with Kathy’s guest wish list and gets even more frustrated when he gets knocked down.

Kathy thanks him for trying anyway, but Bobby is determined not to give up.

8. Callum makes an intriguing discovery

phil mitchell, callum highway, eastenders


Callum’s investigations come to nothing as George has a relatively clean record. However, when he looks at Rose, all access is denied.

When Linda hears about this, she’s convinced it proves George is sleazy.

9. Phil Confronts George

george knight, phil mitchell, eastenders


Phil invites George to train at the Boxing Den, where he asks him directly about Rose.

George is adamant that there is nothing to say and insists that Linda was wrong.

10. Ben makes a mistake with Lexi

ben mitchell, billy mitchell, lexi mitchell, eastenders


At Walford East, Ben struggles with his bulimia when Jay has to take a call and leaves. With the restrooms closed, Ben begins to panic and leaves Lexi alone in the restaurant.

Lexi is devastated by the sight of a mother and daughter together and rushes to the square. Billy is horrified to see her and realizes Ben left her alone.

Billy later lays down the law on Ben – he must step in and be the father Lexi needs.

Shaken by the incident at Walford East, Ben gives up on having Lexi live with him, convinced that he will be a bad father.

11. Nish Gets Suspicious

ben mitchell, billy mitchell, lexi mitchell, eastenders


Determined to prove a point to Vinny, Suki lies to Nish about needing to fire Eve, claiming she keeps messing up.

Vinny asks to be the one to fire her, and Suki convinces Nish to let him.

Eve is devastated to learn that she is losing her job with the Panesars, while Nish is still unconvinced by all of this and feels there is more to it. Suspicious, Nish questions Vinny, but what will he say?

12. Finlay makes a disturbing discovery

finlay baker, bernadette taylor, eastenders


At Taylor’s Autos, Keanu realizes that Finlay’s car has been deliberately damaged.

Finlay is pissed that someone wanted to hurt him and finds Vinny’s necklace under the vehicle.

13. The truth about Rose is revealed

george knight, linda carter, eastenders


As we confirmed earlier, EastEnders will broadcast a special episode on Thursday, June 22, where the truth about Rose is revealed.

Fans have their theories, but who is George’s wife and what happened to her?

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show is also streaming on BBC iPlayer.

Learn more EastEnders spoilers on our dedicated homepage

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