Eng vs Aus, Men’s Ashes, 2023 – Cameron Green, the Great Ravine

Cameron Green is building up an impressive list of outstanding catches in the ravine, although he made a relatively simple one in The Oval’s last game before catching up. Here’s a selection of his best so far from ESPNcricinfo’s bullet-by-bullet commentary. You imagine there are many more to come

Now Cummins got the Kohli counter I think all the wickets at the other end threw Kohli off balance and made him decide he had to take care of the bowling. Fullish into a wide channel on the outside, and Kohli does something he hasn’t done at all in the early innings, attempt coverage against such a ball. He cuts it down to the ravine, where Green looks like he’s taken a clean take low to his left, but they check anyway. Soft signal is off. He caught it inches above the turf, but the question is whether it momentarily slipped away from him on the way down. There seems to be a bit of juggling but it’s hard to tell as it lands in a shaded area so it stays with the soft signal

Catch, great catch! Green in the ravine. Short on the outside, Pant leans back and tries to send him over the slides. It went really fast but Green adds another great take to his list

Screamer in Green’s Ravine! Stark strikes! Back from a length, rising outside through Nissanka, he tried to chase the back foot with a vertical bat away from his body, as he did in the first test, he got an edge thick who flew high to the left of Green and the 200cm a giant of unparalleled wingspan raised both hands and caught him deep in his left, diving like a goalkeeper. Sensational catch. No other Australian defender could have caught this

Three more for Boland as Green takes a ravine stunner! Green is swarmed by his teammates after essentially diving low in the air, picking up the low ball and picking up Usman Khawaja who ran. Absolute joy in the Aussie camp. Blackwood was square by the length ball on the leg. Tried to push it halfway or halfway, was undecided due to ball in motion. You have a leading edge that has sunk low. Excellent catch duly taken.

Beautiful ravine caught up by the big buckets of Cameron Green! Full again, tempting the reader on the outside, he pulls away a little, he pushes very hard on it and cuts a thick low edge to Green’s left into the gully and he dunks it while diving to his left. It flew quickly. He is so good there.

Sarel Erwee, Brisbane, Round 2

Plucked in the ravine by Green! Brilliant catch above his head. Short by a length, Erwee shapes up to play, he crosses and climbs, he can’t get the bat out of the way and it quickly flies from a thick edge to the green and he jumps hard to pick it two hands. That would have pretty much cleared every other ravine defender in the world.

They dropped the easy ones, but Green now has snatched a ripper from the ravine. It’s short by a length, has some width, the pitch is up, Rahane has a punch on it, gets a thick edge, and Green dives to his right, pulls out the big glove and grabs it clean like A whistle. The ball crosses the line of his body when he takes it. You beauty. End of a great blow, but this century on the return of Test must not be

Shubman Gill, The Oval

Green takes another screamer! Left hand this time! Gill holds firm. The referees send him upstairs. The third referee checks for a good hold. It was a good length and he bounced around a bit more, Gill stabbed her with hard hands. The edge flew low to Green’s left, he threw his huge left hand and snatched it away, but then his hand grazes the floor as he falls to the floor. The question for the third referee is whether he had full control of the ball. It looked good. He had his fingers underneath between the ball and the grass. Out is the decision.

Got it, what an amazing ravine defender Cameron Green is! Length ball down the lane, straightens up on Duckett, and he offers a somewhat loose response, hooking his bat, looking for a lazy offside push. Thick edge, and Green dives low to his left to catch it. Much like in the case of his catch of Shubman Gill in the second set last week, the refs send him upstairs, but this time it’s very clear that Green has wrapped his fingers tightly around the ball the moment his hand touches the grass.

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