Far Cry fans hope surprise source code leak will breathe ‘new life’ into an old game

It’s hard to overstate how good the original Far Cry was. And influential too: it’s the game that put developer Crytek on the map and spawned one of Ubisoft’s biggest and best-known series. But he’s also 19, a veritable aeon in video game terms, and that passage of time can certainly be seen and felt: it’s high time to shine.

Unexpectedly, he might get one at some point in the too-distant future thanks to a recent leak of the original Far Cry source code, which appeared “out of nowhere” on the Internet Archive.

(Image credit: Vinícius Medeiros (Twitter))

The leak is for version 1.34 of the game and claims to be complete, although a reviewer said it was not actually complete, “but close”.

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