Google Cloud strengthens the security of the Celo network as a validator

The Celo Foundation recently announced an important partnership with Google Cloud. As part of this collaboration, Google Cloud now runs a validator on the Celo network, contributing to the overall security and stability of the platform.

This development follows a previous announcement in April, where Google Cloud and the Celo Foundation pledged support for sustainability-focused startups in the Celo ecosystem.

Developing the Celo ecosystem with Google Cloud

By running a validator on the Celo network, Google Cloud joins a diverse group of validators that includes industry giants like Deutsche Telekom, as well as ecosystem contributors like impactMarket, a protocol focused on human empowerment.

This collaboration not only strengthens the security of the Celo network, but also highlights the growing interest and involvement of major players in the blockchain industry.

Validators play a vital role in any blockchain network by verifying and validating transactions. They ensure that transactions are legitimate and adhere to network consensus rules, thereby maintaining the integrity and security of the entire system.

With Google Cloud now serving as a validator on the Celo network, users can have increased confidence in the efficiency and reliability of the platform.

Additionally, the collaboration aims to leverage Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine, a fully managed node hosting service, to streamline and accelerate operations for Celo Network participants.

By using this solution, cLabs seeks to facilitate the seamless integration of Celo 2.0 with the Ethereum network and its vibrant community.

The integration of Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine will provide a range of benefits to Celo Network participants.

One of the main benefits is the ability to relay transactions reliably and securely without waiting for node synchronization. This feature will significantly improve the efficiency of node operations, saving valuable time and resources for developers and users within the ecosystem.

The Celo ecosystem has already grown in popularity, with over 1,000 projects in over 150 countries.

Notable decentralized applications (dApps) such as GoodDollar and Grassroots Economics have been instrumental in driving real-world impact through their innovative solutions.

To streamline and accelerate the recently approved transition to the Ethereum ecosystem, cLabs will leverage Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine, a fully managed node hosting service.

Blockchain Node Engine will facilitate time-consuming node operations for participants in the Celo network, relaying transactions reliably and securely and not waiting for node synchronization. Facilitate the alignment of Celo 2.0 with the Ethereum network and its community.

Currently, the Celo ecosystem consists of over 1,000 projects in more than 150 countries, including decentralized applications (dApps) such as Universal Basic Income (UBI) distributor GoodDollar and Community Inclusion Currencies (CIC). ) on Grassroots Economics, which unlocks real-world impact, with 80,000 and 20,000 active users, respectively, in over 180 countries.

Overall, this partnership between the Celo Foundation and Google Cloud goes beyond just managing a validator. Google Cloud has also become a trusted cloud infrastructure provider for cLabs, the main contributor to the Celo blockchain.

This support enables startups in the Celo ecosystem to build and scale Web3 applications on Google Cloud’s robust infrastructure.

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