Home and Away Spoilers (July 10-14)

At home and away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Coming on At home and awaypanic sets in after Andrew leaves the bay with a woman claiming to be his mother.

Elsewhere, Tane pledges her support to Kahu, and Marilyn lives in fear after receiving a sinister threat.

Here is a complete collection of 11 great moments.

1. Kirby and Theo are on the rocks

Kirby Aramoana and Theo Poulos home and away

Channel 5

Kirby wants answers from Remi after learning that he canceled Lyrik’s tour in favor of entering a Battle of the Bands contest. Her frustration is compounded when her bandmates, including her boyfriend Theo, refuse to take her side.

With Theo fully invested in finding Andrew’s mother, Kirby feels he has no time for her. Addressing the issues in his relationship with Eden, Kirby admits that she and Theo are no longer on the same page.

After taking some time to think, Kirby turns to the idea of ​​the Battle of the Bands contest. But if she makes peace with Rémi, her romantic future with Théo remains uncertain.

2. Kahu goes AWOL

kahu parata home and away

Channel 5

Felicity is happy to have a truce with Kahu. However, it seems the drama surrounding Tane’s cousin is far from over when he doesn’t show up for work.

Wanting to know what is going on, Tane returns home to confront Kahu but finds that he has emptied all of his belongings.

Later, Tane receives a phone call alerting him to a series of suspicious transactions on the gym’s credit card – including a houseboat rental.

3. Kahu is unique to Tane

tane parata and kahu parata home and away

Channel 5

After discovering that Kahu was using his company credit card, Tane tracks him down to the houseboat he rented. Tane is furious at his cousin’s recent dishonesty and wants answers.

Finally, Kahu is candid, confessing that his mother borrowed a large sum of money against his house in order to bail him out.

Kahu is deeply ashamed of having let his mother down and admits to Tane that he can’t bring himself to tell her the truth.

4. Tane Supports Kahu

kahu parata and tane parata home and away

Channel 5

After listening to Kahu’s confession, Tane tells him that he won’t leave the houseboat unless he comes back with him.

Realizing that Tane won’t budge, Kahu eventually relents and agrees that he needs to be honest with his mother and then find a way to work things out.

Tane anticipates his relative’s needs and offers to pay for Kahu’s flight home. He then goes further and decides to join Kahu on the trip to give him the moral support he so badly needs.

5. Theo searches for Andrew’s mother

theo poulos home and away

Channel 5

Justin’s concerns for Andrew continue to mount when the police find no leads on the teenager’s mother. Cash is sensitive to the situation, but advises his friend against approaching anyone at Vita Nova.

Meanwhile, Theo decides to pursue the search himself and posts a message on social media asking for information about Andrew’s mother.

He later returns to Cash, who warns that Vita Nova may know about the page and insists they need to wrap Justin up on the case.

6. Andrew leaves the bay

andrew lawrence and justin morgan home and away

Channel 5

There is a breakthrough in the search for Andrew’s mother when a woman called Esther Lawrence shows up at the police station asking to see her son.

Esther and Andrew are reunited, but Andrew is quickly overwhelmed and leaves. He finally returns home and Esther joins the family for dinner, although the atmosphere remains tense.

The next morning, Andrew has radically changed his mind and announces that he wants to go live with his mother.

Left with no choice but to support him, Leah and Justin bid a moving farewell to their adopted son.

7. Cash receives alarming news about Andrew

Nicholas Cartwright as Home and Away Cash Newman

Channel 5

Exhausted from working on Andrew’s case, Cash enjoys some alone time with Eden. But a shock awaits him at the police station.

The Investigative Task Force reveals that Esther, the woman they sent Andrew home with, is not his mother after all.

More worryingly, the police have no idea of ​​his identity. It seems that she is a member of Vita Nova.

8. Marilyn receives a sinister threat

Rose Delaney, Roo Stewart and Marilyn Chambers Home and Away

Channel 5

When Roo tells Marilyn that a journalist wants to cover her fight against Stunning Organics, she jumps at the chance to tell her side of the story.

After giving a phone interview, Marilyn is encouraged to read the finished article, which portrays her as an Australian hero and fighter.

Unfortunately, her bubble bursts when Marilyn discovers that some of the comments on her brand ambassador page have been less than glowing.

Roo tries to cheer up her best friend, but then comes a voicemail warning Marilyn that she and her friends had better “watch their backs”…

9. Someone is watching Marilyn

marilyn's rooms home and away

Channel 5

Shaken by the threatening message, Marilyn and Roo decide to report it to the police, but agree to keep Alf a secret.

Rose is initially convinced she can catch the person responsible, but then discovers that the caller ID has been tampered with.

The news panics Marilyn, and fearing for Alf’s safety, she tries to convince him to leave Summer Bay earlier than planned.

Later, Marilyn feels someone watching her as she closes the Diner, and when Roo calls, she pretends she’s staying at Yabbie Creek. Is Maz in grave danger?

10. Rose wants Mali back

rose delaney and mali hudson home and away

Channel 5

Rose is adamant she’s happy to just be friends with Mali, but Xander knows her sister wants more.

As Rose stops by Mantaray Boards, the energy between her and Mali is strained and uncomfortable, but Mali confides in Mac that he doesn’t want to send bad signals.

Later in the week, Mac plans to surprise Mali with a lavish birthday bash in Salt. But when Rose comes home from work to find Xander fully dressed, she’s disgusted to realize she’s been left on the guest list.

11. Mali reconciles with Rose

rose delaney and mali hudson home and away

Channel 5

Shocked at not being invited to Mali’s birthday party, Rose tries to get out of her girls’ night out with Bree so she can host the event.

She admits her pain at being snubbed at Bree, admitting that she thought she meant more to Mali than that.

Elsewhere in Salt, Mali is annoyed when he finds out Mac didn’t include Rose. Wanting to clear the air, Mali goes to Rose’s house to apologize and admits he’s stressed about seeing his family the next day.

The exes reconcile and get their friendship back on track once again.

At home and away airs weekdays at 1:45 p.m. on Channel 5 and 6 p.m. on 5STAR. The first screenings air at 6:30 p.m. on 5STAR and the show also airs on My5.

Some classic episodes are available via First video UK.

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