Home and Away Spoilers (July 31-August 4)

Note: The following article contains a discussion of sexual misconduct.

At home and away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Coming on At home and awayAndrew’s ordeal at the hands of Vita Nova reaches a dramatic climax.

Elsewhere, Felicity is the victim of a devastating attack and lives are in danger when a bomb explodes in John’s van.

Here is a complete collection of 11 great moments.

1. Justin is taken hostage

justin morgan is held captive home and away

Channel 5

Justin is still shaken after receiving Andrew’s note and is more determined than ever to free him from Vita Nova. Knowing what the cult is capable of, Leah urges him to be careful and talk to Cash first.

Justin ignores Leah’s warnings and sets off alone to save Andrew, prompting a worried Cash to follow him to the compound.

Arriving at the Vita Nova base, Cash finds himself face to face with the menacing Margot, who threatens to report him for trespassing without a warrant. The cop is forced to admit defeat and leaves, unaware that an injured Justin is hiding nearby.

2. Justin’s life hangs in the balance

Justin Morgan home and away

Channel 5

As Cash returns to the Morgan house to report to Leah, the captured Justin remains at Margot’s mercy.

Andrew finally comes to Justin’s aid and tells him to run. But just as Justin rushes to escape, an arrow flies and hits him in the thigh.

Immobilized by the gun lodged in his leg, Justin begs Andrew to ring for an ambulance. The brave teenager gathers all his courage and chooses a lock to secure Justin’s phone, before issuing a desperate SOS call to Leah.

3. Margot is arrested

margot with andrew lawrence home and away

Channel 5

Having already put a trace on Justin’s phone, Cash is quickly able to locate his friend’s whereabouts. Moments later, the task force storms the Vita Nova compound. As Andrew leads the paramedics to Justin, Margot is placed under arrest.

Justin is in bad shape by the time he arrives at the hospital, but Bree is able to bring him back from the brink.

Andrew’s trauma continues as Margot fumes and raves about his betrayal. Leah defends him against the cult leader, but it’s clear Vita Nova’s impact will be long lasting.

4. Alex comforts Kate

xander delaney home and away

Channel 5

Despite Mac and Rose’s reservations, Xander remains determined to want to help Kate. He reaches out to Jamie’s widow and tells her that if she needs a friend, he’s there.

It doesn’t take long before Kate accepts his offer of support after she meets Timothy’s mother. Bree witnesses the couple’s exchange and voices her concerns to Mac.

Later, Mac tries to discuss the matter with Alex, but he is fed up with her interference and directly tells her that no one will stop him from seeing Kate.

5. John is in grave danger

john palmer and mackenzie booth home and away

Endemol Brilliance//Channel 5

As the last box of Stunning Organics products is tossed into the bay, the residents are blissfully unaware that it contains a deadly bomb meant for Marilyn.

Meanwhile, Marilyn buzzes as interview requests keep pouring in after her latest social media post and tells Roo that the CEO of Stunning Organics won’t know what hit him.

Believing that she is finally free, Marilyn gives the box of cosmetics loaded with explosives to John and orders him to take it to the dump. Will the bomb explode en route?

6. Bree feels evicted

bree cameron home and away

Channel 5

There’s excitement in the air as Lyrik enters the final rehearsals of Battle of the Bands, but Bree finds herself competing with Mercedes for Remi’s attention.

Eden, who is not the biggest fan of Mercedes, does not hesitate to take Remi to task. She points out that he neglected Bree.

Remi feels bad for pushing his girlfriend away and apologizes to Bree, reassuring her that she is the only woman for him.

7. Felicity is targeted by a mysterious attacker

Felicity Newman is collapsing at home and away

Channel 5

This is the moment Lyrik has been waiting for as the band take to the stage for their Battle of the Bands performance.

Bree and Felicity are in the crowd cheering them on, but as the ladies leave their drinks unattended, a hidden figure slips something into Felicity’s glass.

Moments later, a dazed Felicity heads outside for some fresh air. As her vision blurs, she stumbles and remains unconscious on the stairs.

8. Concern mounts for Felicity

Felicity Newman Home and Away

Channel 5

Lyrik is on cloud nine as he wins the People’s Choice Award for Battle of the Bands. The famous group with Bree and the absence of Felicity deserves a passing observation as everyone assumes she snuck off to see Tane.

The alarm is triggered when Tane arrives home and fails to reach his wife. When Eden rings her mobile, Felicity, now half conscious, is agitated by the noise.

Returning, Felicity is terrified and wonders what happened while she was outside.

9. Felicity makes a disturbing discovery

Eden Fowler and Felicity Newman Home and Away

Channel 5

Felicity returns to her friends, but collapses again soon after. Worried, Lyrik makes the decision to immediately withdraw from the contest.

Later at the hospital, Felicity begins to piece together the events and wonders if there is any chance that she has her drink spiked. A devastated Felicity soon shares her belief that she may have been sexually assaulted.

Felicity authorizes Bree to carry out a forensic examination on her, but makes Eden promise that she will not tell Cash.

10. Felicity goes to the police

Eden Fowler, Bree Cameron and Felicity Newman Home and Away

Channel 5

After an agonizing wait, Tane can finally bring Felicity home. With heightened emotions, Tane blames Eden for his wife’s assault, but soon regrets her outburst.

Eden returns to Cash and remains evasive about why they didn’t win Battle of the Bands. Cash is intrigued by her behavior and convinced that something is wrong.

The next day, Felicity finds the strength to share the truth with her brother and is comforted by his supportive reaction.

After confiding in Cash, Felicity decides to file a complaint with the police in the hope of unmasking her attacker.

11. The bomb explodes

the stunning organic bomb at home and away

Channel 5

Marilyn receives a disturbing text message warning her that she has 24 hours to withdraw her accusations against Stunning Organics. Roo is convinced it’s an empty threat and responds to Marilyn’s name: “You don’t scare me”.

However, her actions have serious consequences and the mysterious enemy sends Marilyn another threat, which says “TOO LATE” with an image of the bomb.

Realizing that John and Roo have just left with the explosive device, Marilyn alerts Mali, who runs after the duo in her van.

Hearing Mali’s screams to get out of the vehicle, John and Roo pull over, just as the bomb goes off. Did they make it out alive?

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