How to raise millions from your existing business structure

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Over the years I have worked with many digital entrepreneurs in the six to eight figure range to help them with their growth challenges. As a result, I noticed an interesting trend.

Although everyone is unique with different sized businesses, when it comes to growing a business everyone generally faces the same issues. For what? Because, as you will soon discover, growth leaks are very predictable.

In this article, I’ll walk you through these growth leaks and show you how to overcome them so you can raise millions from your existing business structure.

What problems do most digital creators face today?

A common problem I often see is that most digital entrepreneurs focus on social presence and sales (front-end), while completely neglecting existing buyers (back-end). Let me explain to you because it is essential. In marketing, you have two main areas of interest: the front-end and the back-end.

The front end is everything you do to capture the attention of non-buyers and convert them into buyers. The back end is everything you do to keep those new buyers and get them to buy more from you.

While this is easy to understand, successfully combining front-end and back-end in your day-to-day marketing efforts is a tricky business. This is exactly where most entrepreneurs leave value.

This value is not just in the form of sales. It’s mostly in the form of impact on their audience – the impact those people want and need. And that’s where the growth problems begin.

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Your front-end is not your profit center

Many entrepreneurs believe that the initial sale should generate profits. Unfortunately, that’s not the goal of your front-end efforts.

Your front-end has two main goals: gaining relationships and creating brand awareness.

As you can see, the front-end is not about making money. That’s why I didn’t mention “having clients”. Your front end is all about building relationships and creating awareness about yourself, your values, and your business. The front end exists for people to know more about you and understand how you can help them.

The digital entrepreneur who can risk bringing people in at a cost and isn’t looking for immediate profits is the one who understands what the back end is all about.

The front-end is about lending money (not making money)

The front end isn’t about making a profit, it’s about gaining relationships and creating awareness. But you are an entrepreneur, aren’t you? If you’re not making money, you’re just running a charity. This is exactly where the back-end becomes relevant.

You acquire someone on your front end and move them to your back end where you convert them into higher value deals. This is how to make money repeatedly. You can afford to acquire buyers at a loss as if you were lending them money — that’s your cost per acquisition.

But you get that money back in droves once they engage with you on the back end and are impacted by your higher value offers. This is how every successful business is created, and this is how you maximize your profits and ensure the longevity of your business. That said, let’s see how you can implement or optimize this strategy in your business.

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The perfect business model for maximum impact and profits

Whether you want to have a successful digital or physical business, the perfect business model for maximum impact and profits always consists of two phases.

  • Phase 1: Acquire. In this phase, you combine relationship building with awareness of your business and what it stands for (ready).
  • Phase 2: Benefits. In this phase, you build trust by capitalizing on these initial relationships (gathering).

When my team and I work with our partners, we find most of their growth opportunities where the front-end merges with the back-end. This focal point is where you can acquire relationships at a loss, knowing that you have the systems ready to recoup that money multiple times over.

Once the relationship is established, you can pursue sales opportunities whenever you want. For what? Because people trust you. They are convinced that you can help them. They believe you can deliver. And they believe you have their best interests at heart. This is where the infinite value comes from.

As an entrepreneur, never forget that you want to build relationships and awareness first. You want to nurture these relationships to continuously sell your back-end products and services.

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In our experience working with digital entrepreneurs, this is where my team and I see so many business owners leaving money on the table. The money that was there, waiting to be captured without any significant change in their business structures.

We are talking about situations where we managed to raise an extra $1,000,000 in two months for a partner. Or where we helped another make $109,000 in two weeks (his best year was $350,000). We managed to collect these amounts from their existing business structures because we implemented exactly what I shared with you in this article.

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The bottom line

The formula for generating more sales is this simple three-step approach:

  • Build relationships and create awareness (front-end).
  • Bring a wealth of value (border between front-end and back-end).
  • Generate a deeper impact (back-end).

When you improve in any of these three areas, you can generate consistent growth for your business. That’s it. Nothing fancy or complicated. Just a surefire way to raise millions from your existing customer base without making major changes, investing a lot of money in ads, or wasting a lot of time.

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