I Canceled Cable TV 10 Years Ago – Here Are My Top 5 Cord Cutting Tips For Cable Cutters

2023 marks ten years since I canceled cable TV and became a cord cutter. During this time, I saved a lot of money and learned a lot about cord cutting.

Cutting the cord is like buying a new car. It works like your old car, but everything is slightly different. The radio offers all the same channels, but controls them differently. Cord cutting is a lot like you can get the same content and more, but it’s all a bit different than what you had with cable. The good news is that in just a few weeks you’ll learn how the new remote works and where to find your favorite TV shows.

Today I want to break down five cord cutting tips to help cord cutters get the most out of cord cutting. Hope this helps you get even more out of your cord cutting experience.

#1 Don’t rush

The number one mistake people make when cutting the cord is rushing. When you rush into cord cutting, you add a lot of unnecessary stress to the process.

Cutting the cord slowly can help you avoid overpaying for services and devices. It can also help you avoid stress. So, long before you call to cancel your cable TV, be sure to set up everything from your antenna to streaming players. Test different streaming services before canceling pay TV.

That way, when you cancel your pay-TV provider, you’re not rushing to buy whatever antenna you can find hoping to watch your favorite show tonight. A little preparation will ensure that when you cancel cable TV, you’re ready for your cable-cutting life.

To help you start the search, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Cord Cutting HERE.

#2 Subscribe only when you need this service

Don’t worry about contracts. Unlike cable television, there are no one-year contracts. You can add or remove subscriptions whenever you want. If you only want a live sports TV service, only pay for it when your sport is on. Only want Paramount+ when the new Start Trek is on? Subscribe only when the new show you want comes out.

By subscribing to services only when you use them, you can easily save $100 every year. Don’t be afraid to get a live TV streaming service like YouTube TV only during football season, for example.

#3 Don’t get tricked into overpaying for internet

Often when you switch to the Internet, only one of two things happens. They will do their best to convince you to upgrade your internet speed to crazy level or they will try to get you bundled. Paying too much for internet is one of the biggest mistakes cable cutters can make.

For a good streaming experience, you really only need 100 Mbps. (But faster is good.) So don’t be fooled into thinking that you need faster speed to stream your content.

Remember that you can always upgrade to a faster internet speed later. However, if you’re overpaying, it can be difficult to get your internet service provider to downgrade your speed to a new, cheaper customer plan.

Here are some tips for finding the internet speed that’s right for you.

#4 Shop for the Internet

STOP! Don’t assume you have no options for the internet in 2023. Things are very different now. Look around, you might be surprised.

Unfortunately, your cable company doesn’t care if you’ve been with them for ten years. They won’t give you the best deal out there. If you want a good deal, you have to shop around for different service providers. I know a lot of people think DSL is slow, but for others DSL speeds will be the same or close to cable TV. Every few years I go back and forth to make sure I get the best deal. They are always ready to welcome you back and will offer you an offer that you could never get if you stayed with them.

Now don’t assume you have no options. Recently, T-Mobile, Verizon and others have launched wireless internet options for cord cutters. We’ve tested these services and they work well for cutting the cord in many areas.

Don’t assume you don’t have options in 2023. Use your local Facebook group and Nextdoor apps to ask them about options in your area.

#5 This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s Antenna TV

You may remember your grandparents had an antenna back then and they had maybe three or four stations. Live television has come a long way since then.

Now, on average, cord cutters get 30 channels, including ABC, CW, CBS, FOX and NBC, 100% free! Wondering what you could get live for free? Consult AntennaWeb to find out what you should pick up with an indoor or outdoor antenna.

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