InQubeta presale tops global investor lists after raising millions

InQubeta, the AI-driven crypto crowdfunding platform, has been making waves in the crypto industry with its remarkable pre-sale performance. Topping investor lists globally, the project has raised over $1,300,000, demonstrating investor interest and confidence in its potential. Industry experts even predict that In Qubeta has the potential to see a remarkable increase of 40 times its value. Let’s explore five main reasons why InQubeta has become the top choice for investors.

Focus on the AI ​​industry

InQubeta’s dedication to the AI ​​industry sets it apart from other crypto projects. With the growing adoption of AI technologies in various sectors, InQubeta offers investors a unique opportunity to support and participate in the growth of this transformative field. By connecting investors with promising AI startups through its NFT-based fractional crowdfunding platform, InQubeta offers individuals a direct way to contribute to the advancement of AI solutions.

Transparent and fair crowdfunding model

One of the factors contributing to InQubeta’s success is its transparent and fair crowdfunding model. The platform uses a rigorous review process that ensures only the most promising AI startups receive funding. By leveraging split NFTs, InQubeta is democratizing the investment landscape, empowering individuals with varying investment abilities to participate in the AI ​​revolution. This inclusive approach attracts a wide range of investors, fostering a vibrant and supportive community.

Robust security measures

InQubeta prioritizes the safety of its users’ funds. The project has been thoroughly audited by leading smart contract auditing firms, assuring investors that their assets are protected against potential vulnerabilities and exploits. In an industry where security is paramount, InQubeta’s commitment to providing a secure ecosystem adds an extra layer of confidence to investors.

Potential for significant appreciation in value

The substantial funds raised during the pre-sale reflect investors’ optimism and confidence in InQubeta’s potential for value appreciation. Industry experts have predicted a remarkable 40x increase in project value, making it an attractive investment opportunity for those looking for long-term growth. As the AI ​​industry continues to evolve and grow, InQubeta’s focus on this high-potential sector positions it for substantial returns in the future.

Forward-looking roadmap

InQubeta’s track record is filled with exciting developments that further enhance its appeal to investors. The project plans to launch the InQubeta NFT Marketplace launchpad, providing a platform for AI startups to showcase their projects and attract funding. Additionally, a staking dApp will be introduced, allowing users to stake their assets and earn rewards from the dedicated reward pool. The implementation of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) system will allow token holders to actively participate in shaping the future direction of the project. These forward-looking initiatives underscore InQubeta’s commitment to continuous innovation and community engagement.


InQubeta’s presale topping the charts in June 2023 is a testament to its unique value proposition and investor confidence in its potential. The project’s focus on the AI ​​industry, a transparent crowdfunding model, robust security measures, and a promising track record contribute to its appeal as a top crypto investment choice. With over $1,300,000 raised and industry experts predicting a significant increase in value, InQubeta has captured the attention of investors looking for long-term growth opportunities. As the AI ​​industry continues to thrive, InQubeta stands as a beacon of innovation, connecting investors to promising AI startups and paving the way for the future of AI-based solutions.

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