It took 24 years for one of the best Chinese RPGs of all time to get an English translation, but not the one it deserves

Septem is a lonely knight with a big problem: Venice’s rogue fanatics think he’s an evil heretic, and his new best friend, Nicole, a fun and terrifying naivete. servant of satan who doesn’t see the problem of killing anyone and everyone who tries to fight them – it’s kinda hard to pretend he’s not the devil’s number one fan. It’s far from the first game to call me an enemy of the state, but I can’t think of the one against me the heavens themselves before leaving the first city.

Most RPGs can only dream of having an opening as captivating as this, or claim to take their hero on a journey that spans half as many fantasy-themed reimaginings of real-world cultures as Xuan- Yuan Sword: Mists Beyond the Mountains eventually did.

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