Kari-Ann Moller, Norwegian model at Roxy Music, fights to stay in UK after Brexit | Brexit

As a result of Brexit, Norwegians living in the UK had to join the EU settlement scheme – despite Norway not being a member state – to continue living in Britain.

But after former model turned yoga teacher Kari-Ann Moller was arrested by British immigration officials earlier this year and not allowed to stay because of her Norwegian passport, her husband , Chris Jagger – brother of Rolling Stone Sir Mick – got involved.

Writing in The Times, he said he uploaded a photo from Roxy Music’s 1972 album – which features her wearing satin ruffles on the cover – to support his wife, who lives in the UK. United for 74 years, in its candidacy. .

“Sir, my wife, Kari-Ann, who is Norwegian, has lived in the UK for 74 years, but is now being asked to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme, so to support her application, I have uploaded a photo from Roxy Music’s 1972 debut album, Roxy Music, as featured on the cover,” he wrote.

“I wonder if that’s admissible evidence?” Chris Jagger, Mudgeley, Somerset.

Generally acceptable documents include bank statements, council tax bills, electricity bills and GP appointment cards.

In addition to appearing on Roxy Music’s debut album, Moller, who is now known as Jagger, was also featured on the cover of Mott the Hoople’s 1974 album The Hoople and briefly in the 1967 film Casino Royale.

She told the newspaper that she was asked to provide “additional information” to back up her claim.

“This is all an absolute nightmare,” she told The Times. “There is a risk that I cannot come back if I leave. It’s crazy because I don’t even speak Norwegian.

Jagger, who was born in Arendal, southeast Norway, in 1947 to a Norwegian airman and a British mother who took her to live in Cornwall. When she was 17, she urgently needed a passport to go on a modeling assignment in New York for Mary Quant and found the quickest way to do so was to get a temporary passport from the Embassy of Norway before later obtaining a full passport.

Roxy Music's Debut Album Featuring Model In Halterneck Swimsuit Wrapped In Satin Ruffles
Kari-Ann Moller on the cover of Roxy Music’s 1972 self-titled debut album.
Photography: dcphoto/Alamy

She married her husband 44 years ago. Between them, they have five sons aged between 38 and 50 – three of whom are from their previous marriages and two together – and 14 grandchildren and live in Somerset.

She was stopped by an immigration officer when she arrived at Bristol Airport in March from Madeira, who asked her how long she had lived in Britain. When she told him 74, he allegedly told her there was no evidence that she lived in the UK.

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