Mario, Mario and more Mario! Nintendo Direct recap – News

Things start with the little booster shot for Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple and its two DLCs to come in the pack titled The Buried Treasure of Zone Zero. The Turquoise Mask we give the opportunity to experience a summer festival in the purest Japanese tradition in the heart of a small village. The second DLC called The Indigo Disc we will visit a futuristic school on an island lost in the open sea. Two very different atmospheres to be found respectively in autumn and winter 2023.

If you’ve ever wanted to be reminded what a great game Sonic Superstars is, you’ve got a new preview that shows nothing more. See you in the fall of 2023 for the official release.

Singularity 6 introduces us paliaa free to play and multiplayer life simulation game in which you will be able to build your house, do farming and many other activities, no doubt, to be found this winter.

Persona 5 Tactica shows itself again after having made a first pass in the Xbox Showcase recently. Nothing really new to get your teeth into and we will take the opportunity to remind you of the release date, still set for November 17, 2023.

If there was one game to take away from this Nintendo Direct, it might be MythForce developed by Aspyr. This first-person RPG is inspired by 90s cartoons in the vein of Masters of the Universe and perfectly allows to exploit the nostalgia of the period in its proposal. Due in 2023, we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

After a small obligatory segment on the next Splatoon 3 Fest, we are announced The Return of Detective Pikachu for November 6th. A sequel to the 3DS game released in 2016 which keeps the same protagonist in the person of Tim Goodman.

The rumors were therefore true, Super Mario RPG has the luxury of a remake. If the new artistic direction is likely to cause debate compared to the original opus, it remains a beautiful madeleine of Proust that Nintendo offers us and it will arrive on our consoles on November 17th. In addition to this announcement, we learn that a game dedicated to Peach, as well as a remastered version of Luigi’s Mansion 2 are in preparation with a release for the moment planned for next year.

No one asked for it but on the aura anyway. The trilogy batman arkham (namely Asylum, City and Knight, taking care to leave Origins aside again and again) will be available on the Nintendo console for this fall.

Already available for a lease on PC, Gloomhaven is coming to Switch on September 18. A card-based strategy game in a universe ofheroic fantasy based on the board game of the same name.

It’s time for the Just Dance 2024 segment. It’s coming out on October 24 as a reminder. So.

We then continue with a small wave of independent games. first with silent hope, an action RPG and its system of procedurally generated dungeons which will land on October 3rd. We then continue with fairy farm already announced for quite a while but which offers a little additional lap before its release on September 8th. Also already announced on other platforms, Hot Wheels Unleash 2: Turbocharged is remembered at our good pleasure with a release still scheduled for October 19. We end this segment with maniac mechanics, a party game that is very reminiscent of Overcooked, except that we swapped our stoves and knives for bolt wrenches and jacks to improvise mechanics. It will be available on July 13.

Kind of funny to see this little segment on The Last Spark Chaser, the next DLC for Mario + Rabbids: Spark of Hope, while Guillemot publicly announced his regrets for not having followed Nintendo’s strategy of having one game with the same license per console generation. This is what we learned from this passage of the Direct.

Big surprise for lovers of the Dragon Quest license. After two opuses initially released on Gameboy Color, the series of spin-offs will return on December 1 with Dragon Quest Monsters: The Prince of Shadows (or Dragon Quest Monsters 3 in Japan).

We were waiting for it, we knew we wouldn’t escape it, it’s time for the Pikmin 4 segment. The opportunity to show us Oatchi, our dog who is very useful in solving certain obstacles, as well as the Dandori Battles, time clashes in specific arenas. It will now be possible to continue exploring during the night, but the enemies will be more aggressive. Fortunately, we can count on a brand new type of Pikmin: The Shiny Pikmin. While waiting for the release on July 21, Nintendo announces a free demo available from June 29. But that’s not all since the HD versions of Pikmin 1 and Pikmin 2 are available now in the eshop, while waiting for a physical version combining the two games scheduled for September 22.

Konami wants to put the odds on its side for its attempt to relaunch MGS and add a layer for the Switch release of the Metal Gear Solide Master Collection Volume 1. It is still scheduled for October 24 on Switch and elsewhere.

We’re afraid it’s coming a little late, but the addictive 2022 sensation that is Vampire Survivors is coming to Switch this August 17th.

After an esports section on Splatoon 3 and the announcement of a pro circuit on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, we continue without transition with Rhythm Royale Headbangers, scheduled for October 31. This Battle Royale, a base of rhythm games in which we embody pigeons, was without a shadow of a doubt the logical continuation after taking the time to talk to us about esports.

Scheduled for early 2024, Penny’s Great Escape is the new project of part of the team that was in charge of the much appreciated Sonic Mania. A guarantee of quality that obliges us to monitor this production.

We are entitled to each Nintendo Direct, no question that we cut it for this one. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe presents its wave 5 of additional content with three new characters (Piranha Plant, Wiggler and Kamek) as well as a new circuit called “Cleanliness Race”.

After Dragon Quest, the second candy for J-RPG lovers with Star Ocean: The Second Story R. Scheduled for November 2, this remake offers a brand new artistic direction that is likely to divide fans.

The dumbest party game on the market is back with Wario Ware: Move It. It will be available on November 3 and what more can we say about this excellent news?

Before concluding this Direct with the big chunk, Nintendo must absolutely show us the Amiibos planned for Zelda and Ganondorf, Tears of the Kingdom edition, planned for this winter. Once this procedure was completed, we were able to have a first look at Super Marios Bros Wonder. If the internet will especially remember the new fruit that turns Mario into an elephant, it marks the return in good and due form of Mario (as well as Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad and Yoshi) to a 2D adventure. In any case, the artistic direction presented in the trailer gives confidence, especially with a release date scheduled for October 20.

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