Nike, Puma and Adidas are the most visited sportswear brands online

There is sometimes only a fine line between fashion and sport, and most sportswear brands have managed to cross it. By transcending the boundaries of sport to become real fashion references, these brands manage to reach a wider clientele. The online sports betting site Gambling ‘N Go has taken a look at the success of these brands and compiled a ranking of the most visited online.


Unsurprisingly, Nike takes first place on the podium. The most followed sportswear brand on Instagram with 300 million followers, the American giant has an average of 33,113,790 monthly visits throughout Europe. On the European continent, it is in France that the Nike site is the most visited, with an average of 5,725,660 visits per month.

The brand founded in 1964 has established itself beyond the world of sport. Nike multiplies collaborations around the world, with celebrities, athletes or musicians, the strength of the equipment manufacturer lies in its wide range of partners. Aware of its impact, Nike does not hesitate to take a stand either. This was the case of American footballer Colin Kaepernick who was sidelined in 2017 after taking part in the boycott of the national anthem to defend the Black Lives Matter movement (long before it gained momentum that it until today).


Created by Rudolf Dassler, co-founder of Adidas, Puma ranks second among the most visited sportswear sites in Europe with 2,289,163 visits per month. It is also the third largest sports shoe manufacturer in the world. Much like its predecessor, the recipe for success is the same: Puma relies heavily on celebrity partnerships. The brand has notably collaborated with Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and Big Sean. Puma also works with sports stars like Usain Bolt.


Eternal competitor of Nike, the German equipment manufacturer Adidas comes in third place in this ranking with an average of 2,270,036 monthly visits. Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the world, after Nike. Although the brand collaborates with renowned sportsmen such as David Beckham, Lionel Messi and Mohamed Salah, which guarantee it good international visibility, it suffered some setbacks this year. First with the end of her collaboration with Kanye West, a decision she was forced to take in the face of such controversy but which cost the company dearly. Adidas also had to end its partnership with Beyoncé on Ivy Park.


Converse is one of those brands that have achieved the feat of having an iconic model that has stood the test of time and trends. The Chuck Taylor All-Stars are a classic and need no introduction. While the brand has released other models and fashion collections, the Chuck Taylor All-Stars have played a major role in keeping its popularity at an all-time high.

Converse averages 2,191,531 monthly visits to the continent.


The first French brand in the ranking is Decathlon, which is above all a chain of sports stores before being a brand, and has an average of 2,091,425 visits per month. Founded in 1976 in France, the brand has 340 stores across the country.

In the rest of the ranking, Lacoste comes in sixth place with 1,378,651 followed by Asics with 1,306,334 in seventh place. Hugo is in eighth place with 1,257,831, The North Face with 991,532 takes ninth place and finally Solomon with 866,400 is in tenth place.

To arrive at this ranking, Gambling ‘N Go, with the help of SEO analysis tool Ahrefs, observed the average monthly traffic over the past 12 months on the websites of 206 popular sportswear brands.

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