Pikmin Tier List – Which Type Of Pikmin Is The Best?

List of Pikmin levels



purple pikmin
Image: Nintendo Life

Originally introduced in Pikmin 2, these heavy units might not be the fastest guys on the field, but damn it, they can pack a punch – 10 punches, to be precise. Yes, the Purple Pikmin are your resident macho men, taking on enemies and clearing paths like it’s nobody’s business.

Their ability may be a little less overpowered in Pikmin 3, but we like to think these guys can still carry the team. Probably literally…



Image: Nintendo Life

Bulbmin may be the most gruesome race of sentient plants ever introduced to the series (a Pikmin who buried themselves in a Bulborb and took over its body), but we’d rather see this as a dark story rather than a negative. You can’t take these guys out of the selected caves you’ll find them in in Pikmin 2, but there they offer a heck of a bonus.

Bulbmin is immune to all environmental hazards (fire, water, electricity, and poison) and will accept anything thrown at it – or should it be “anything it’s thrown at”? If they weren’t so rare (and usable outside of caves), this guy would be the crème de la crème.


yellow pikmin
Image: Nintendo Life

Your love for the original trio of Pikmin 1 types is likely to vary, but in our minds, the yellow Pikmin are the best of them all. These big-eared teammates might be one of the cutest guys to watch, and the two-for-one bonus of being easily throwable and electrically resistant (from Pikmin 2) is an undeniably appealing prospect.

Combine that with the fact that they were originally the only species that could carry Bomb Rocks and their rapid digging ability in later games, the Yellows really are the complete package – don’t rely on them to take out enemies .



blue pikmine
Image: Nintendo Life

We’d be lying if we said we don’t have a thing for the Blue Pikmin in our hearts. These are not the best fighters and they can’t be thrown away farthest – in fact, they’re pretty close to average in both respects – but they can walk and work in water, which is an absolute godsend when you watch the rest of your group squirm and drown because you have them a little too close to the edge of a pond.

Until Pikmin 3, inactive blue Pikmin in the water would even send any nearby drowning teammates back to shore as tiny lifeguards – see? useful And thoughtful, what a combo.


Winged Pikmin
Image: Nintendo Life

If Winged Pikmin was just a little stronger, we would add them to our teams daily as if it were nobody’s business. They might not be the best options in battle throws, but they really corner the market when it comes to taking on airborne enemies.


white pikmine
Image: Nintendo Life

White Pikmin aren’t the most practical type, but their speed, ability to find hidden objects, and poison immunity still make them a great addition. The way this species poisons an enemy when eaten is also a pretty cool way to go, even if you lose a teammate in the process.

With the white Pikmin only appearing in mission mode in Pikmin 3, we feel like we haven’t had the chance to spend so much time with these little guys yet – maybe Pikmin 4 will convince us to. place them higher on the list.



red pikmine
Image: Nintendo Life

Hot alert: Red Pikmin are the worst of the original trio. Ok, that might be factually correct looking at where they sit on this list, but don’t let the C-level positioning fool you, it’s just a case of cutthroat competition. The type’s fire resistance hasn’t been tested so far in the series, which hardly works in their favor, but they’re definitely old-timers when it comes to getting involved. in a fight.

These are your average Pikmin and yes, we love them for that, but a little “wow factor” wouldn’t hurt.


Pikmin Rock
Image: Nintendo Life

Again, we don’t hate Rock Pikmin in any way, but their abilities just aren’t enough as impressive as what others can offer. The stab or smash immunity is a bonus, of course, and we couldn’t talk about that without taking a minute to smile at the thought of their odd little attack animation, but the unique ability to smash crystal just isn’t all that. useful in the grand scheme of things.


pikmin mushroom

pikmin mushroom
Image: Nintendo Life

Now these, we don’t like them. Created by coming into contact with the spores of a Puffstool, these mushroom-headed types turn on you and will repeatedly attack Olimar until you shake them back to their natural form.

Fortunately, they only appear in the first game, because we don’t want to deal with them any more than necessary.

Well, there you have it, our full ranking of each type of Pikmin. Do you agree with our order or would you like to change things up a bit? Complete the following polls to let us know the best and worst Pikmin in your opinion, then jump to the comments to leave a full ranking.

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