SS24 color trends give voice to the female body

From beige/pink to universal blue, via stimulating tones, the color trends announced by women’s fashion specialists for spring/summer 2024 indicate that women need to reclaim their bodies.


As the SS24 pre-collections sales campaigns kick off and ahead of dedicated Fashion Weeks, it looks like the physical body is setting the tone for the season. “We had despised the body. We relegated it to the sole role of a vessel. It had to be beautiful. A showcase. We had entrusted the responsibility for our happiness to corrupt idols”, write Louis Gérin & Grégory Lamaud, artistic directors for Texworld. “While the warmth of the sun on the skin filled with happiness. Too much prejudice, too much ego, too many stakes. But our senses do not lie. We have decided to trust our bodies. Now we are wise .”

Image: Courtesy of Maison Ernest & Nelly Rodi

Pink beige, orange pink, the metallic effects designate a voluptuous sensuality

The feminine color par excellence, pink remains at the top, but in a more softened way than the fuchsia powered by Valentino for winter 2022/23. According to WGSN, Fondant Pink is a pigmented pastel with a simple, youthful appeal. It marks the return of soft and mellow pink hues, which pair effortlessly with lilac and lavender tones. This hue evokes feelings of re-enchantment, which will become increasingly important for consumers by 2024. Small moments of wonder can act as an antidote to anxiety, improve well-being and slow down the perception of time. .

For Nelly Rodi, this sublimated body is an appeal to the senses, embodied by the nude, pearly, rose petal color, pearly effects, suggestive games of transparency, but also metallic reflections, as if immersed in a golden bath, he image of the “J Parfum advertisement” adores” with Charlize Theron. “For the Splendor theme, we explore the priestess, vestal side of the woman”, explains Catherine Basquin, director of the Nelly Rodi textile workshop.

This exacerbated sensuality goes hand in hand with the ambiguity that plays out between real and virtual, resulting in a highly Instagrammable or ‘TikTokable’ hyper-erotism. Here the pinks are heightened, broadening to mauve and fuchsia. The reds brighten and approach orange. “Summer 2024 offers colors with unexpected counter uses. Summer shadows and saturated pinks illuminate the range with their radiance, supported by the radiance of yellows”, writes Peclers Paris.

Image: Courtesy of Palais Galliera. Fashion in motion exhibition

Toning colors to set the body in motion

The current exhibitions “The language of the body” (agnès b), “Fashion in motion” (Palais Galliera) and upcoming “Fashion and sport: from one show to another” (Museum of Decorative Arts) also reflect In addition, the summer of 2024 will inevitably be marked by the Olympic Games.

A sporting season, therefore, which translates into a vibrant palette of yellow, orange, sky blue, turquoise green, mauve, but also ranges inspired by sports clubs, a little less acidulous, more vintage, like the reds, ‘picture. the clay court at Roland Garros; greens evoking golf courses or the blues of the swimming pool. “The societal challenge is to get people moving after a period when society has been immobilized (Covid obliges)”, underlined Catherine Basquin.

Pixel sky, digital magenta, coral fiction, chlorophyll gel, azure laser define the SS24 according to Première Vision, largely deploying a differentiating potential. Its power of attraction is amplified by luminosity. This new radiance releases a stimulating energy, multiplying the power of influence of these tones. The harmonies, composed vertically and horizontally, offer a two-way reading, for an SS24 rich in multiple chromatic interactions.

Taking the principle of playfulness to the extreme, the trend setters at Texworld gloated: “What if the world had no meaning? What if our only goal was to play? What if it was just a huge farandole, from which our seriousness kept us away for so many years? As a child, we must look at this world with playful eyes. About the world and about ourselves. »

Image: Courtesy of Bourse du Commerce, Pinault collection. Exhibition “Before the Storm”. Lucas Arruda.

White, brown and blue: The return of natural colors

Still, this re-enchantment of the female body comes after a period of upheaval: the MeToo movement, or the need to purify what has been defiled; non-gender or the desire to break gender codes deemed enslaving; and, by extension, the desire to free oneself, to be able to be natural or sophisticated as one pleases (the opposite of the stereotypical aesthetic on social networks, mentioned above).

In this context, all shades of white are invited: pure, ecru, alabaster, cream, linen (in reference to the material), clay, ecru, ivory, jasmine, ceruse, etc. Intense pigments, accustomed to expressing summer cheerfulness, give way to more sober ranges, whitened or greyed out, which temper the palette, while dark and very dark shades give it relief. Additive-free hues are reminiscent of humid areas, warm floors and cold lights (golden sand, raw wax, cold sun, mud bath).

“The interest in sobriety and practicality is at the origin of the rise of midtones and neutrals, which are linked to the evolution of lifestyle choices, now rooted in the search for serenity and balance. “, reported WGSN. “The earth tones evoke the importance of sustainable fashion, between nature and construction, tradition and modernity, from simplicity to sophistication,” said Peclers Paris.

From terracotta to hazelnut, these shades have an inherent warmth and tactility that evokes themes of authenticity and craftsmanship. Thanks to its chromaticity, brown can be combined with a wide range of materials, both natural and synthetic. And especially with blue which, for the men’s season, will be the flagship color of the SS24.

Denim, indigo, medium, faded, pastel, lacquer, sky blue… According to Nelly Rodi, blue brings people together. It’s international, meaning it doesn’t have any pejorative connotations anywhere in the world, and so it’s a unifying force. In these times of uncertainty and fear of chaos, it’s no surprise that refreshing and soothing blue is a sign of the need for a new horizon as 2024 dawns.

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