Stacey will make a sinister discovery in Theo’s story.

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders‘ Stacey Slater will make a terrifying discovery about her Secret Cam client next week.

Viewers know that Theo Hawthorne is the man who paid Stacey for private sessions online, while simultaneously trying to infiltrate every part of her real world.

Stacey doesn’t know how obsessive Theo’s behavior is getting, but has decided she doesn’t want to pursue anything romantically with him.

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Instead, Stacey will decide to officially rekindle her relationship with ex-husband Martin and they are planning a romantic date at the allotment gardens early next week.

When Stacey realizes she’s double-booked with her client, Martin tries to figure out he’s okay and encourages her to make an appointment and earn some money.

In another attempt at support, Martin tends to the kids downstairs while Stacey checks in, but the reality of the situation hits him when he hears her flirting.

stacey slater, martin fowler, eastenders


Stacey is disappointed when an uneasy Martin suddenly leaves the house, especially since they had plans.

Jean bumps into Martin outside and they both admit they’re struggling with Stacey’s camera work.

Determined not to let this get in the way of their reunion, Martin decides to get over it and asks Stacey to meet him at Walford East.

stacey slater, martin fowler, eastenders


Over dinner, they discuss Martin’s current housing problem and agree that he will temporarily move in with the Slaters.

Unfortunately, an innocent conversation about dessert later triggers Martin’s breakup, and Stacey realizes he’s not okay with her camera work after all.

Hurt, she leaves and Martin heads to The Vic to drown his sorrows, where he starts a fight.

The next day, Stacey decides to tell Martin exactly what happens on her Secret Cam dates in hopes of reassuring him.

martin fowler, stacey slater, eastenders


As they talk at the war memorial, Theo overhears their conversation and is angry to hear them theorize that his client is just a sad old man.

Afterwards, Stacey receives a shocking sexual request from her private client and confides in Eve about it.

Before Stacey has a chance to turn him down, Martin makes a shocking discovery on his laptop, and the whole situation explodes.

stacey slater, martin fowler, eastenders


Stacey is horrified when she receives another message from her client, making it clear that he knows details about her private life. Eve immediately signals that it must be someone she knows and fears for her.

Stacey then becomes petrified she has a stalker and is desperately trying to figure out who it is.

Things get even worse when she receives flowers from her private client, and Stacey realizes he knows where she lives.

stacey slater, martin fowler, eastenders


Worried, Eve quietly interrogates the unconscious Jack to see if the police can help, but he tells her that no crime has been committed in the theoretical scenario she describes. Will Stacey and Eve be able to find out the truth?

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