Star Wars Outlaws: Everything we know about the open-world heist adventure

Star Wars Outlaws has a heist in the works, but this one doesn’t have Han Solo and Chewie behind it. Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment announced Outlaws in June and revealed it was an open-world adventure spanning multiple planets, hyper-jumping through seedy underworld systems and dealings culminating in a big job.

As Outlaws moves away from the intergalactic ferryman we all know, Massive’s take keeps things familiar with another eccentric duo, Kay Vess and Nix. The pair are brand new to Star Wars, and tracking the details of each Star Wars game in the works becomes as complicated as its extended universe and canon. To guide you, here’s everything we know about Star Wars Outlaws, including details about Kay, Nix, and her new moon setting, Toshara.

What is the release date of Star Wars Outlaws?

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