The first moments of Outlast Trials are more than terrifying, but they quickly run out of steam in multiplayer

Outlast Trials gets its pre-game trigger warning within the first five minutes when a pair of square night vision goggles are pulled from a dismembered corpse and screwed into your skull with an auger drill. You’ve been swept off the streets to participate in the Murkoff Corporation’s “trials,” an experimental group therapy program that targets people on the margins of society with something to hide that sees you and three other patients attempt of surviving the expansive Saw movie-puzzles. Outlast Trials’ single-player intro is truly horrifying, but that terror quickly dissipates in co-op, where I found the tension too often interrupted by key-collecting puzzles or frustrating, one-dimensional encounters with brutal psychopaths.

This form of psychiatric violence really stuck with me in a way that’s definitely different from other horror games.

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