‘The great hypocrisy of the ashes of Poms’: Australia reacts to second test controversy | Ashes 2023

Australia woke up Monday morning to an ash storm blowing across the world after Alex Carey’s controversial strain on Jonny Bairstow sparked acrimony, recriminations, accusations and some degree of perplexity.

Battle lines were drawn almost immediately after the England batter was dismissed on day five of the second Test at Lord’s as the not unfamiliar debate centered on the rules of the game versus the spirit of the game was reopened.

England captain Ben Stokes was, perhaps understandably, in the latter camp and questioned in his post-match interview whether calling Australia was in the spirit of the game. But the Aussies were quick to point out that on day three Bairstow tried to outsmart Marnus Labuschagne in the same way.

Thought we had seen this before. Jonny Bairstow attempting to catch Marnus Labuschagne stepping out of his crease two days ago. #Ashes @wwos @9NewsAUS pic.twitter.com/U28fEvlEu8

— Sam Djodan (@samdjodan) July 2, 2023


“I can’t have it both ways, guys!” headlined Fox Sports. “Damaging images expose the great hypocrisy of Poms’ ashes.”

I’m genuinely mystified by today. The first lesson of batting is stay in your ground. Keepers attempt those runouts routinely. Then suddenly people are raging like it’s some shock new thing. https://t.co/X3LHIEvj23

— Geoff Lemon Sport (@GeoffLemonSport) July 2, 2023


I’m really mystified by today. The first lesson of the stick is to stay in your ground. The guards regularly attempt these exits. Then suddenly people rage like it’s a shocking new thing. https://t.co/X3LHIEvj23

— Geoff Lemon Sport (@GeoffLemonSport) July 2, 2023

Laws of the game good enough yesterday, good enough today.
Sorry chaps.

— Adam Peacock (@adampeacock3) July 2, 2023


The laws of the game were pretty good yesterday, pretty good today.
Sorry guys.

— Adam Peacock (@adampeacock3) July 2, 2023

Stuart Broad, who joined Ben Stokes at the crease once Bairstow left, was clearly pissed off by the decision and continued in his usual pantomime villain role – making sure he got his way with over-the-top moves after every bullet he had survived. Some Aussies weren’t impressed with the performance.

We now cross live to Stuart Broad taking the high road.. pic.twitter.com/8D4D63P0ka

— Adam Peacock (@adampeacock3) July 2, 2023


England’s outcry over the incident has prompted questions about ‘whether people who live in glass houses should be throwing stones’, reads the unsigned Fox Sports report, pointing to another last year’s incident when England chased New Zealander Colin De Grandhomme out of their crease.

Dozy cricket from Colin De Grandhomme last year. The appeal was not withdrawn by England (video is courtesy of ECB) #Cricket pic.twitter.com/J2t6ELyFFp

— Saj Sadiq (@SajSadiqCricket) July 2, 2023


An aggrieved Brendan McCullum has suggested he could skip post-series beers with Australia over the incident, but it has been pointed out that the England coach himself is in fine form in that particular area of Controversy.

Brendon McCullum saying he won’t be having a drink with the Australians any time soon. My dude you deliberately ran out a player celebrating his teammate’s hundred. Glass houses, things of that nature #Ashes

— Steve Smith (@stevesmithffx) July 2, 2023


Brendon McCullum says he won’t be having a drink with the Australians anytime soon. Dude, you deliberately let down a player celebrating his teammate’s 100th birthday. Glass houses, things of that nature #Ashes

—Steve Smith (@stevesmithffx) July 2, 2023

In the Sydney Morning Herald, columnist Peter FitzSimons wrote: “There are complaints that can be made about Carey’s action, but the hardened professionals of the England cricket team are not the ones making them. .”

Amidst the grudge, there was room for some much-needed humor.

English cricket team confused by wicketkeeper actually capable of getting opponent out

— The Chaser (@chaser) July 2, 2023


England Cricket Team Confused By Wicketkeeper Is Really Able To Get Opponent Out

— The hunter (@chaser) July 2, 2023

England lead the Moral Ashes 2-0.

— Geoff Lemon Sport (@GeoffLemonSport) July 2, 2023


England lead the Moral Ashes 2-0.

— Geoff Lemon Sport (@GeoffLemonSport) July 2, 2023

But ugly scenes were seen in Lord’s usually genteel Long Room as the Australian team who were booed off the pitch were unwelcome. The touring team alleged that several players were “verbally abused” or “physically contacted” as they returned to the locker room for lunch, prompting MCC to issue an unqualified apology.

The atmosphere in the pavilion had “gone wild over Australia”, read the Nine newspapers.

This is disgraceful. https://t.co/Txp0xoiN8h

— Peter Lalor (@plalor) July 2, 2023


Fair to say a few of the members at Lords aren’t happy with the… laws of the game? 😂#TheAshes 2nd Test | Live, on Channel 9 & 9Now.#9WWOS #Cricket #Ashes #ENGvsAUS pic.twitter.com/jdkIBHrlLJ

— Wide World of Sports (@wwos) July 2, 2023


However, not all Aussies were on the same page, with former Test spinner Brad Hogg going against the grain in his homeland.

Bairstow wicket, Not Out. Spirit of cricket pushed to the boundary. Not attempting a run, end of over, scratched crease then walked for the regulation BS chat between overs between batsman. #ashes #ENGvsAUS

— Brad Hogg (@Brad_Hogg) July 2, 2023


Bairstow ticket office, Not Out. The spirit of cricket pushed to the limits. Do not attempt a run, end over, scratched crease then walk for regulation cat BS between overs between batsman. #ashes #ENGvsAUS

—Brad Hogg (@Brad_Hogg) July 2, 2023

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