Top Tech Stories of the Week: July 2

This week, the tech industry learned that Google had halted development of “Project Iris,” its long-talked-about AR glasses. Also in the product space, Insta360 rolled out the “world’s smallest” action camera, the GO 3 Miniature.

Elsewhere in tech, MSCHF has launched its Pyramid Chat, a modern take on the pyramid scheme designed “to help idiots make a quick buck.” And on the software side, Apple’s car crash detection feature went awry when the iPhone 14 mistakenly detected the dance for car crashes, leading the phones to automatically send fake calls to the 911.

Below, Hypebeast has rounded up the top tech stories of the week so you can stay up to date on industry trends.

Google would have put aside its “Project Iris” AR glasses

After more than a year and a half of development, Google would have closed its augmented reality glasses. The rumored project, which was codenamed “Project Iris”, was reportedly first underway at the company in January 2022, with Google aiming to have the first units shipped in early 2024.

A new report from Insider citing three people familiar with the matter now alleges that Google has ditched its AR glasses. Rather than hardware, the company is apparently working on a “micro XR” program that could allow it to lend its AR software to other companies building their own headsets.

Insta360 launched its GO 3, an ultra-miniature action camera

Insta360 has designed what they call the “world’s smallest” action camera. The GO 3 is a versatile camera designed for on-the-go use and weighs just 1.2 oz (35 g).

In addition to being waterproof, the GO 3 offers hands-free shooting via voice command. If the camera is off, pressing a single button will simultaneously turn it on and start recording immediately. The Go 3 also offers 64GB of storage and longer battery life capable of 173 minutes of shooting. Priced at US$380, the GO 3 is available on the Insta360 website.

MSCHF launched a pyramid scheme on Discord

Art collective MSCHF is no stranger to going viral with releases like Big Red Boots and Microscopic Handbag. For its latest attempt, the brand does not offer a physical product but rather invites its fan base to participate in a pyramid scheme.

Hosted on Discord, the exclusive “Pyramid Chat” is available to new users for $8. For each additional user they refer to the feed, they will earn $5. MSCHF refers to pyramid schemes as a “quintessential 21st century experiment” and says he was inspired to create his own solely “to help idiots make a quick buck.” For those who are actually successful with their storylines and earn over $600 in referral fees, Pyramid Chat will require them to complete a W-9 tax form to pay.

Fake 911 calls spiked during Bonnaroo after iPhone 14 mistakenly detects dancing as car crashes

A faulty iPhone 14 security feature led to fake 911 calls during Tennessee’s Bonnaroo music festival this weekend. Authorities in Coffee County reported that there were more than five times as many false 911 calls as the average. The calls were ultimately traced to the iPhone’s car crash detection feature, which is also automatically included in the latest Apple Watch, and mistakenly identified the dance as an accident.

Authorities were able to debunk the bogus calls and confirm that no real emergency had taken place. They then sent out an alert asking Bonnaroo attendees to disable the feature while on the festival grounds, ending the bogus calls.

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