Wit Studio President Shares His Thoughts On Anime Crunch

It’s not a secret among anime fans on whom Wit Studio’s herculean efforts previous seasons of the mega-popular The attack of the Titans and sleeper stricken Vinland Saga helped make each series a household name in the anime industry. While both shows have since been forwarded to MapAnd Fans have growing concerns if industry animators working on such shows are overworked, George Wada, President, CEO and Producer at Wit, told me that his studio’s unusual collaboration on Spy x Family helps prevent the worker crisis.

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Talk with Kotaku at Anime Expo 2023, Wada revealed that Wit Studio’s collaboration with fellow animation studio CloverWorks (the creators of Wonder Egg Priority) produce Spy x Familyhis favorite anime at the moment, is an unprecedented practice in the anime industry.

“Each studio has its own color and its own way of doing things, so it’s very, very difficult in most cases for multiple anime studios to work together on one series,” Wada said. Kotaku. “And I believe it was only possible because it was Spy x Family.”

On the production side of Spy x Family, Wada revealed that Wit and CloverWorks shared the two-episode workload. According to this template, Wada says fans can “see all the good parts of Wit and CloverWorks merged together to create Spy x Familywhile delivering new seasons of the show at a pace that matches fan expectations.

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Why Wit is not working The attack of the Titans And Vinland Saga more

As mentionedWit no longer animates The attack of the Titans Or Vinland Saga. Instead, the final seasons of both anime are made by studio Mappa. When I asked what prompted Wit to pass the baton twice to Mappa, Wada said it was because the management of these shows didn’t work with Wit’s production cycle.

“There was a schedule set by like the manga side saying, ‘Can you release it on such-and-such a date’ and it just didn’t fit the studio. We can’t really make anything with that schedule because the fans want to have the show as soon as possible,” Wada said. “On the other hand, Spy x Family is created with CloverWork so we can give it to you sooner.

WADA’s comment about the advisability of Spy x FamilyIt’s important to note the production cycle of , as fans previously lamented that it took spirit four years to release the second season of The attack of the Titans.

When asked what Wit does to keep his staff from having to crack in order to complete an anime series, Wada responded by saying that the first thing Wit does is get a good budget for an anime project. anime so he could make sure his staff were “properly paid”. .”

“We hire creators as employees so we can give them a salary,” Wada said, adding that Wit plans to have a “tag team” between employed creators and freelancers to help create ” great anime”.

To improve working conditions in the anime industry, Wada suggests that studios make every creator a full-time employee so that while they’re in the negotiation process, they can fight for a prize. more reasonable. calendar to ensure that all creators can have good working conditions with sufficient salary and “not too much crisis time”.

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Wada thinks family shows will be the new wave of anime

When asked if he thought the growing popularity of family shows like Spy x Family And Ranking of kings was indicative of a new anime trend moving away from fighting anime featuring fantasy power characters, Wada said he thought it was, indicating that it’s good to have more shows for casual fans to enjoy, especially if they don’t like fighting anime.

“You had your demon slayeryou had your The attack of the Titansbut now we feel that there is a new wave of anime genres coming. Now that anime is getting bigger with [even] more fans, you’ll have a lot more casual viewers than hardcore viewers,” Wada said. “It’s nice to have shows that people can watch and have fun together. Maybe that’s why shows like Spy x Family And Ranking of kings [are] rise up there in popularity.

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