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Emma Heys sent threatening letters to herself and said they were from her ex-husband (Picture: Lincolnshire Police/SWNS)

Emma Heys sent threatening letters to herself and said they were from her ex-husband (Picture: Lincolnshire Police/SWNS)

A wedding planner who sent threatening messages to herself and lied to police in hopes of accusing her ex-husband of stalking has been jailed.

Emma Heys claimed she woke up on Valentine’s Day to find dead flowers with severed heads next to a ‘Just for Your’ card with a note saying ‘bitch’ inside.

The 42-year-old also sent various threatening text messages and letters to each other and claimed her former partner, Christopher Heys, was stalking her stall at the Lincoln Christmas Market, a court heard.

She made 15 false statements to police and fabricated evidence in county court, leading to her ex’s arrest three times.

She was found guilty of three counts of perverting the course of justice at Lincoln Crown Court in relation to allegations she made in early 2019.

Heys, of Lincoln, was jailed for 28 months on Thursday after a judge called her actions “calculated and protracted.”

The court was told that after she broke up with her husband, she applied to Lincoln County Court for a non-molestation order claiming to be a victim of domestic violence.

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Heys was sentenced to 28 months in prison at Lincoln Crown Court (Picture: Tom Maddick/SWNS)

She provided fabricated evidence and an interim restraining order was granted barring Mr Heys from entering Lincolnshire and contacting her.

Police say Heys presented a photo in family court of her ex-husband as abusive and violent and that she was at risk of being harassed and harassed.

But a court heard almost all of her evidence was ‘completely fabricated’ out of ‘maliciousness’ towards her ex.

The order was issued on February 11, 2019 and three days later she made the first of her 19 allegations and 15 false statements.

Heys said she received hand-delivered or mailed notes and letters that were threatening in nature.

They suggested the sender watched her every move, commenting on one occasion the day before when CCTV cameras had been installed.

On another occasion he referred to her shopping in the Trafford center and on another that she had visited Great Yarmouth.

The couple attended a hearing on February 20, 2019, where the non-molestation order was changed to a full order.

Heys continued to make allegations of abusive letters and stalking and

Mr. Heys has been arrested three times, spending 30 hours in police custody.

He was also interviewed twice and voluntarily traveled to Lincoln to be interviewed in an effort to clear his name.

The receipts he gathered from his movements helped police refute his involvement and corroborate that he was turning suspicion elsewhere on his wife.

Police searched Heys’ address and found a cardboard box, and a batch of blank envelopes with stamps were found.

One bore the same Christmas-themed Wallace and Grommit stamp seen on several of the envelopes given to the police.

Emma Hi.  See SWNS story SWMRfake.  A wedding planner has been jailed for 28 months after sending herself threatening letters making false statements to police in an attempt to accuse her ex-husband of stalking.  Emma Heys, 42, of Lincoln, was found guilty of three counts of perverting the course of justice in relation to allegations she made in early 2019 when she appeared in Lincoln Crown Court on July 13.  The case followed a long and complex investigation called Operation Franklin.

Heys created fake letters and made fake phone calls to try and frame her ex (Picture: Lincolnshire Police/SWNS)

Officers gathered evidence from the victim’s mobile records which provided an alibi and showed it was unlikely he had the ability to send the letters.

Hundreds of hours of CCTV footage was reviewed and approximately 100,000 pages of phone downloads were reviewed.

CCTV footage showed a continued absence of any sequence of the letters posted.

Forensic testing for fingerprints took place on the envelopes and one contained DNA under the seal indicating that Heys had sealed it.

Call data records obtained from her cellphone also showed that she had been texting herself from her own cellphone.

She had also alleged that she had received a withheld call from Mr Heys of a threatening nature on January 20.

Analysis of call data records showed that the call actually originated from his landline to his mobile.

Detectives proved fabricated messages were used by Heys as part of her claim and she lied to the judge about her ex in court.

Recorder Eugene Egan dismissed her defense, her offense was due to her suffering from a mental illness and also dealing with the fact that her mother was terminally ill with cancer.

He also commented on the impact his misrepresentations could have on future allegations made by victims of domestic violence.

He said his apparent motive was not driven by fear but by malice for causing trouble for the man.

Detective Constable Andrew Woodcock, of Lincolnshire Police, said: ‘This was a large and complex investigation involving a number of specialist departments and agencies.

“This followed a significant drain on local police resources due to Heys’ continued false allegations.

“The false allegations made will potentially impact future investigations.

“We always treat domestic violence allegations seriously and that is why significant resources have been dedicated to the case.

“However, when it became apparent that the allegations may be false, steps were taken to fully investigate the matter.

“It is difficult to explain how much work has gone into this case or even the total cost of the investigation.

“Cases of this level and scale of delinquency are fortunately rare.

The “Heys” ex-husband was sadly arrested multiple times and was significantly affected by what happened and continues to be to this day.

“It is important that the police and other agencies involved test the evidence in the cases to ensure that it is reliable and true.

“This case is an example of why so much time and resources are spent investigating cases of this nature.

‘I hope today’s grief brings some comfort to Christopher for the distress he has been through and some closure to the case.’

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