Wordle 2023: Answer of the day and hint for June 21

Get as much help as you want with today’s Wordle right here on PC Gamer. Whether you’re looking for some quick tips to help the June 21 game (732) go a little smoother, a hint written especially for today’s puzzle, or just need the one-click answer, you’ll find it all. what you need below.

I went with an unusual opener today on a whim and accidentally revealed three greens in the process. With those found so easily, it was only natural that the answer would come the very next day. Do. Dusted. Hype for tomorrow’s puzzle. I’m sure I spent more time staring at my screen in amazement than arriving at today’s Wordle answer.

Today’s Wordle Index

(Image credit: Josh Wardle)

A Wordle hint for Wednesday, June 21

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