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Now that he can sit in the stands at Emirates Stadium and be a supporter of Arsenal Football Club rather than our manager, Arsene Wenger is delighted that the progress we have made through his 22 years of dedication will continue under the current regime.

Our legendary manager’s place in history was already secured with the three league titles and seven FA Cups he won, but now it’s truly set in stone – or rather bronze – after he been immortalized with a statue outside the stadium.

Sitting in our iconic North London home which its success and stability have helped build, he admits that when he looks at the upward trajectory we are currently enjoying on and off the pitch, he is filled with satisfaction and pride that the foundations he created continue to be used as a model of success by familiar faces in whom he has complete confidence.

“I worked for this club when I had the experience and the ability to see the big picture,” he said after visiting his statue for the first time. “Many times I have said that I want to work and prepare this club to rise even higher after me, and I want that to happen every day now.

“I feel the effort and suffering was worth it. Now the club is in good hands; It’s in the hands of two former players in Mikel Arteta and Edu; I bought Edu when he was in the Corinthians and Everton’s Mikel Arteta, and they run the club well. I can watch it in a relaxed way!

“I feel that Mikel is doing well, making the right decisions and has an organized team which for me can now fight for the championship. We did that last year, let’s move on this year.

“I’m confident because last year with eight games to go, I always thought we would get there. We have invested a lot again this year and we have reinforced the team, so overall I am very happy with the three recruits. We have all the tools to do well and to fight for the championship.

Arsene returned to the Emirates Stadium for just the second time since saying his farewell in May 2018 on Wednesday night, and he admits more than two decades of memories have instantly hit him every time he steps through. the doors of our house again.

This was again the case on Thursday when a special private lunch was held in his honor at the stadium, with former players, staff and friends all invited to celebrate his tenure and legacy after the statue was installed the week last.

Reflecting on what it’s like to return to a place so synonymous with him, he added: “It’s always very emotional because it’s like a movie that goes through your head, you know? It is very difficult to select emotions because you are overwhelmed by many emotional situations that you have experienced before – on this side it is not easy.

“On the other hand, you’re happy because you feel like you’ve come home. Five years later, I feel strongly attached and connected to the club. The attachment is incredibly strong and it’s funny because it is Arsène and Arsenal, it looks like my destiny.

“I am less [stressed] but I still hit every ball. I look at the decisions made, the bad decisions and the good decisions too, so the tension is still there, but it’s not comparable. I think if I was here every week I would be much more tense, but when I come back once in a while I also want to enjoy it, see friends and taste the atmosphere here.

Hear lots more from Arsene, including what he said to our current squad after the Monaco game, as well as a special message for our supporters, by pressing play above.

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